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We know why you’re here, it’s less than a week until Valentine’s day and you still haven’t booked a reservation for dinner. Don’t panic too much, there’s still tons of places in town that can make the 14th of February super special. If you’re still not trying to stay in, we’ve got you covered with our favorite romantic places to take that special someone in your life. 



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If your partner is a fan of all things Old Hollywood, they’re going to love Horses. Think dim lighting, red leather, and exceptional service. However, Horses likes to have a little fun, showcased with their horse-shaped bread and butter and their decision to forgo stuffy white tablecloths for a sheet of white paper and crayons. Atmosphere aside, Horses serves incredible food. From their caesar with endives, to the classic burger, to the must get off the menu pasta (basically an nduja vodka sauce served in a sizzling plate), Horses provides a fresh spin on classic staples. A dinner here with a couple drinks should run you a little over $100 per person, which honestly isn’t that bad for a Valentine’s Day at an LA hotspot. 

Lolo Wine Bar


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If you’re looking for more of a casual vibe while still being intimate, Lolo in East Hollywood is a great option. The indoor/outdoor restaurant gets 90% of its light at night via candles, the wine list is extensive, the pasta is al dente, and the dining room is just large enough that you feel like you can talk at a normal level without disturbing other guests while still staying private and intimate. Lolo is one of my favorite date night spots in the city in general, I don’t see why Valentine’s Day would change that.

Antico Nuovo


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Antico Nuovo is the definition of a hidden gem (at least it was until social media found out about it). To those who know no better though, it still is. At first glance, it looks like your average neighborhood Italian spot, but you’ll soon discover that it might be home to the best Italian food in the city. It’s a great special occasion spot if you’re not a fan of over the top charades and simply enjoy really good food. Sit in the dim lit dining room and watch chefs hand craft what’s sure to be a memorable meal with a memorable person. 



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On the other end of the spectrum, Providence goes over the top in every way, but in a surprisingly non-pretentious way. There’s table side cooking, goody bags for the next day, and a cheese cart? This is one of those experimental restaurants that you go to strictly for a special occasion, but is bound to be one of the most memorable dining experiences of your life. Everything that comes with Providence is excessive, and the check is no exception. Dinner for 2 can easily run you over 1k, but hey, you didn’t think twice about buying those Coachella tickets right?



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There’s a mutual understanding between every foodie in LA that Morihiro might be the gold standard for omakase in the city. Is the omakase $400? Yes. Is it worth it? Honestly, I wouldn’t know, but everyone who has the privilege to dine here says it is. On the outside, it looks a little fancier than your average neighborhood sushi spot, but nothing close to what you’d expect from the best sushi in the city. And that’s kind of what makes Morihiro so appealing; it’s unassuming, it’s not stuffy, and everyone is there strictly for the food. If you and that special someone share a common love for really really good food, Morihiro should definitely be near the top of your bucket list. 

71 Above


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Recently put on Open Table’s list for the most romantic restaurants in the country, there’s no better occasion to dine at 71 Above than on Valentine’s day (unless you’re alone, which is fine, but you probably shouldn’t come here on V Day unless you want to be sad). Anyways, if you’re fortunate enough to have someone special in your life, there’s no better way to show them you love them than dinner on the 71st floor with a view of the entire city. For Valentine’s Day, they’re offering a special 4 course menu for $200 that has offerings such as crispy octopus, nori bucatini, and bacon wrapped pork loin. If you appreciate dinner with a view (other than your date of course), it can’t get any better than 71 Above.