Nowadays, most tourists prefer to travel by car since it is more comfortable and less expensive than other modes of transport. Surely experienced drivers understand the importance of taking out automobile insurance, especially when traveling abroad for an extended period of time. In order to fully understand the subject of car insurance when on a trip and be fully prepared, we have compiled a guide with tips that will be of use for every motorist.

What to do in case of car rental
Firstly, it must be said that the type of travel car insurance depends on whether you are using your own automobile or a rental vehicle while on a trip. The recent trend for car hire has been increasing its popularity, as it gives mobility and freedom while traveling in every country. Once you have decided to rent a car abroad, specialists of the automobile services can help you to find a vehicle according to your preferences and needs as well as take care of your insurance and safety.

Does your car insurance can cover a rental one
However, you should often obtain separate insurance coverage if you own one or more automobiles but are planning to travel abroad and be using a hire vehicle. A part of your own insurance may also cover the rental automobile while you’re utilizing it within your own country. Remember, to keep in mind that your insurance may not reimburse these expenses in case of a car accident or a theft of the hired vehicle.

What type of insurance is needed when renting a car abroad
Although if you don’t own a personal car but intend to hire one while you are going abroad, you should take out insurance with the rental company you use. Generally, you may be able to purchase Collision Damage Waiver insurance, which lowers the financial cost of liability for you if anything happens to your rental vehicle. A CDW covers other costs, such as the cost of repairing or restoring the rental car, if you get into an accident or your rental gets stolen. In addition, CDW provides coverage for other things such as damaged or accident-related fees, towing costs, administrative charges and impairment of the rental car. Also, the amount of the insurance must be discussed beforehand with the provider. In order to save extra money, there is an option to find out in advance what your personal policy can cover and then pay just a little difference within the car hire company.

Another necessary types of insurance in a trip
– Health insurance. Travel medical insurance also known as travel health insurance or traveler’s policy provides you with emergency medical care during your holiday abroad and reimburses you for any associated costs.
– Green Card or compulsory motor third party liability insurance, this type of insurance provides coverage for a motorist’s civil liability to other road users. Without it, you are not allowed to enter European countries.
– A form of personal liability insurance called umbrella insurance may be necessary if you discover that your responsibility for a claim exceeds the limits of your house or auto insurance. For instance, umbrella insurance can help if you are at fault for an accident involving 3 vehicles and your auto insurance policy does not provide enough coverage to pay for the replacement of all 3 vehicles.

How much insurance might cost
One of the most significant factors when purchasing an insurance policy is regulating the sum of insurance coverage. The amount of coverage is based on the cost of meeting your demands. The bigger the insured amount is, the less chances that you will have to pay more to cover the accident.
We think that for now you have a better understanding of the fundamentals of car travel insurance, although it’s still a good idea to check all the details with a professional beforehand in order to take care of other important insurance that matters in a trip as well. Have a nice time and a safe journey!