Photo: Highsnobiety

Supreme is known for a plethora of things – the box logo print that took over in the late 2010’s, skate culture, and endless collaborations, especially with high fashion brands. The newest addition to the long list of collabs is Maison Margiela MM6. 

This collaboration is unexpected after Margiela’s recent couture show, which was arguably the best runway show the industry has seen in years and reminded everyone of the innovation and talent John Galliano has at Margiela. However, the choice for Margiela to collaborate with a streetwear brand like Supreme has been noted by consumers as inherently “Martin Margiela”, as the designer was known to “troll” for the sole reason of angering people. 

Leaks have emerged of what clothes and accessories the collaboration will have. Among them include a box logo tee shirt and hoodie, a cologne, skate decks, a belt, and the iconic $11 bill wallet. While some designs seem lazy and weak (box logo clothing and GAT’s), others seem exciting, in particular the belt, wallet, and fragrance. Whether you like the collection or not, it’s sure to make a lot of money, which is what some suspect is the whole purpose of it.