Atay Ice Tea is a new Moroccan inspired beverage brand based in Los Angeles. Atay is rooted in the ancient ritual of serving Moroccan Mint Tea for every occasion. Each flavor of Atay Ice Tea uses real brewed green tea along with natural ingredients in order to maximize benefits and offer a refreshing taste.

Atay’s “Cleansing Spicy Lemon Ginger” flavor offers a great alternative to coffee, especially in warm weather. This flavor holds 138 mg per bottle of naturally derived caffeine, thus offering an energy boost that is comparable to that of coffee while promising the added benefit of natural ingredients.The drink’s organic lemon and spicy ginger qualities also work to cleanse, promote digestive health, and fight inflammation.

Here at BELLO, we absolutely love the “Cleansing Spicy Lemon Ginger” but don’t worry, Atay Ice Tea has a flavor out there for you! From Fresh Mint to Wild Rose Cherry, check out their website and find the perfect fit for you !

By Ayanna Harrison

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