For fashion lovers… 

After New-York, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles Fashion Week arrives between March 26th and March 29th

LA Fashion Week promotes the fashion in the United States with focus on Los Angeles, one of the world’s most important cultural cities. As the Official Fashion Week for the City of LA, it is important to support artists and designers who come from this city.

Twice a year, they produce unique, immersive, and state of the art fashion experiences to showcase the newest collections of LA-based and international designers. LAFW is at the forefront of innovation and design as it fosters the relationships between fashion tech startups, designers, retailers, and the media. 

This upcoming Fashion Week will showcase the work of many talented designers such as Salisa Official, Mary Me Jimmy Paul, Fabiana Milazzo, Superdry, Renim Project and more… 

Who hasn’t dreamed of attending the biggest fashion event of the year? Fashion Week isn’t just for influencers and celebrities. Get your tickets on the official website, here.

By Justine Duclaux
Photo : website