It’s Breastfeeding Awareness Month and realistically, all moms need a little bit of help! Thankfully, there is a brand out there that thrives to help thanks to their leak-resistant nursing sleep bra.

“NOONI’s helps millions of new and expecting moms rest easier with their leak-resistant nursing sleep bra.”

NOONI’S patent-pending leak-resistant sleep bra is the first to offer full coverage leak resistant security, effortless nursing access, and incredible baby soft comfort all in one garment. The entire front of NOONI’S has been constructed to wick away, absorb, and prevent breast milk from leaking through.

With NOONI’S, expecting moms finally have a sleep bra that will transition into the fourth trimester with them. New moms can finally enjoy sleeping in padless comfort, without fear of staining their pajamas, or having to wash their bed sheets in the morning. And, without the need for additional nursing pads, the environment can rest a little easier too.

If you are a mom yourself or know someone who is go checkout NOONI’S and find the perfect nursing bra !