You had one too many drinks last night. You woke up with your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth, dehydrated and desperate for some water. Think about how your skin feels. Don’t worry, while you’re busy nursing your hangover, Dr. Paul Nassif and his team of scientists have done the thinking for you.

With his background in science and decades of experience in the beauty industry, Dr. Paul Nassif has created as|if by Nassif, a skincare line targeted specifically towards millennials and gen z-ers. In our FaceTune and filter obsessed day and age, as|if by Nassif aims to get you filtered skin sans filter. 

We were able to speak to Dr. Nassif at the launch party about his new products, skincare, and beauty.

What about as|if by Nassif is different from your original Nassif MD line?

My Nassif MD skincare line is more of an anti-aging skincare line, more for the mature customer. I wanted to create something to get young people to start skincare early. What’s great about this is that it’s three steps. Especially for breakouts and also brightness of the skin, helping with the pores, helping cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate. It’s a no brainer.

The #getwoke is an exfoliating cleanser that you can use as a cleanser and as a mask for about 30 minutes. It’s got botanical extracts, specialized peptides, witch hazel, aloe gel. This is going to shrink those pores and exfoliate. It has clay in it, so it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial. A lot of the same features in the essence, #areweclear. You use it twice a day after you cleanse your face. Actually something that’s going to help with anti-microbial, so it’s going to help the breakouts. Same anti-inflammatory, same great peptides. Then we have #youfeelme, it’s a hydro cream moisturizer. Three steps to take young skin and keep it looking great.

What do you think it is about your approach that sets you apart from other skincare brands?

We said, what can we do that’s different for millennials? We wanted to find the best peptides, the best extracts, the best active ingredients. With my science background, we’ve found it. So I feel like this is really going to rock the skin. I feel like these three steps are going to do everything a lot better than a lot of other skincare lines for millennials.

Your other line has a very scientific approach to its products, would you say the same about this new line?

Same thing, obviously with a different chemist. We tried the products on thirty different young folks as a consumer perception study and their skin cleared immediately. We wanted to take the most scientific approach just like I did for my other skincare line with the best chemists to put this together.

If you could recommend just one product from your line to someone, what would it be?

If we’re talking about the younger group, #areweclear. This is almost like a toner that does about a hundred things. This after you cleanse your face twice a day is going to be absolutely fantastic.

Listen, you really need all of them because one’s exfoliating and cleansing, the other one helps reduce the pores and tone the skin, and the third one is hydrating. So you really need all of them.

What are the most common skincare mistakes you see men and women make?

They’re not using the right combination of active ingredients to really help the skin.

What keeps you passionate about helping people look beautiful?

Look what I do, I’m on Botched. I help people everyday. I have a great job, I operate, it’s fun. I got a wedding invitation today from a Botched patient from four years ago that said, “My life is changed, I’m working, I’m happy, I’m getting married, because you changed my life.” So if I could do something simple with skincare that helps someone’s life change, that’s incredible. That’s what it is all about. I’m a doctor and a physician and if I could do a skincare line to make people happy I’m going to do it.

as|if by Nassif is available for purchase now online at!

by Rebecca Kang