When you’re packing your bags for a beach vacation, finding the perfect swimsuit is just the beginning. There are plenty of other must-haves when you’re going on a trip to the beach! 

Summer and warm temperatures are just around the corner. And, this means that we’ll all soon start planning our trips to the beach.

But, if you want to hit the beach in style this summer, you need some chic summer essentials in your bag. If you have already found the perfect beach destination, you need to start planning what to bring with you to the beautiful, breezy beach.

Sure, you’ve already considered packing your most stylish swimsuit, a sand-free towel, and your flip-flops. But is that everything you need to look classy? We think not!

Summer is the perfect season to be in style as the weather allows you to wear some of the most interesting outfits, matched with plenty of stylish accessories. In other words, during your beach vacation, you have all the reasons to be a little extra with the best beach accessories. Here are the seven must-have accessories when you’re going on a trip to the beach this summer:

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/Z-noaU-GOCk

Beach bag

First things first, you need to think of where you’ll keep all your beach-related accessories. Our recommendation: a stylish beach bag.

Beach bags are an essential beach item as they are incredibly chic and helpful. Not only do they perfectly match your summer-like outfits, but they are also perfect containers for caring around all the things you need like sunscreen, towel, your phone, wallet, change clothes, you name it.

There are so many beach bag designs available, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t find one that suits your style. Beach bags are typically made from cotton, straw, or synthetic materials. They should be incredibly comfortable and stylish at the same time.


This is an absolute must-have. So, there’s no way swimwear wouldn’t have made it on our list.

You’ll need a swimsuit, whether you’re planning to take a deep dive in the ocean or just to sunbathe all day long on the deck chair.

Black swimwear is the latest trend for 2021 when it comes to swimsuits. Besides that, if you want to be in style, know that other swimsuit trends include cool cutouts, micro strings, high-sheen fabric, asymmetrical designs, bright and happy colors, iconic animal prints, and textured fabric. sunhat


Sunhat is another must-have on the beach. Besides the stylish vibe it gives to your beach outfit, a sunhat is a must to protect you from harsh UV rays and heat stroke. If you didn’t wear a sunhat in your previous beach vacations, make sure you do it in your next ones.

Sunhats are an essential accessory to have on the beach. When it comes to them, it’s really not just about looking chic and fancy, but more about protecting yourself from the UVs.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock until now, you know that the sun’s rays are hazardous and extensive exposure to UVs can cause melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. A sunhat protects the skin on your face and neck from the harsh UV. Bonus, it also protects your eyes from sun damage and black circles under the eyes.

Sunhats are absurdly stylish and a must-have for sun protection on the beach. So, bring one on your vacation.


Another must-have on the beach is eyewear. And, find out that it is not just because sunglasses look absolutely fantastic.

Many people assume that sunglasses are just a cool accessory that has only one purpose: to make you look badass. Well, that’s not all that sunglasses do. They also protect your eyes and the skin under your eyes from the harsh UV. Strong UVs penetrate the eye and can cause damage to the retina, increasing the risk of macular degeneration, research shows. Besides that, sunglasses can also protect you from getting dark circles under your eyes. The skin under your eyes is thin, which makes it more prone to excess pigmentation when exposed to UV.

So, when packing for your beach trip, make sure you also pack a pair of designer sunglasses with UV protection. But, do remember that sunglasses should be a daily accessory, regardless of where you are or the season.

Sun umbrella

Want to look cool while protecting your face, shoulders, and hands from the sun? Bring a sun umbrella to the beach!

Sun umbrellas are a very fashionable accessory. They are often associated with a status symbol, being an accessory worn only by the richest women in society. But, even if that used to be the case, it’s not anymore.

Sun umbrellas are actually a very accessible, cool, and useful accessory that everybody should bring to the beach. Plus,  research found that they can reduce direct exposure to UV rays by 77% to 99%.

So, if you’ve always found sun umbrellas an excellent accessory, help to make them fashionable again by bringing one with you on your beach vacation.

Coverup dress

We get that your body is ready for summer and your swimsuit is worth all eyes on the beach, but trust us: there will be a time when you’ll need a coverup dress.

Coverup dresses are perfect beach outfits. They are flowy, somehow bohemian, incredibly stylish, and absolutely comfortable. You’ll really not even feel like you’re dressed when wearing a coverup dress.

Whether it’s a long coverup shirt, a crochet dress, a lace kimono, or a two-piece set of coverup pants and top, bring something for those moments when you arrive at or leave from the beach.

Shell jewelry

Shell jewelry never goes out of fashion when it comes to beach outfits. Shells are probably the most prominent symbol associated with the beach, summer, lightweight and breathable fabrics, and warm weather. So, the shell jewelry trend is never going to go away. Or, even if everybody forgets about it during the cold season, it always makes a comeback as warm weather starts to settle in.

Feature image by gya den from Pexels