Ok, technology is truly amazing. Always evolving, and at a much quicker rate it seems these days, a new kind of ring has entered the game! Introducing… The Oura Ring Generation 3! It monitors your heart rate around the clock, giving you the insights you need to make the most out of your days and nights. Here at BELLO, we love to see what new innovations are coming out and this one is not only genius but also kind of fashion!

Daytime Heart Rate.

Learn how your body responds to your daily habits and choices by following your heart rate from morning to night.

Workout heart rate.

Record your heart rate during workouts and receive post-exercise insights to see how your body reacts and how your workout impacts your sleep and readiness.

Restorative Time.

Oura tells you when your body and mind are in a relaxed state by looking at your heart rate and skin temperature — helping you know if you’re taking enough breaks throughout the day to get the recovery your body needs.

Introducing 7 temperature sensors.

With its precise research-grade temperature sensors, Oura gets to know your unique “normal” body temperature and picks up even the smallest changes.

Track your cycle, and plan ahead with Oura.1 Oura learns and visualizes your unique cycle by monitoring your temperature, which rises and falls due to the changes in your hormone levels throughout your menstrual cycle.

A more accurate way to predict your period

Instead of assuming that your period is on the same day every month, Oura picks up on the changes from the most reliable source: your body temperature, so you’re never caught off guard.

Gets smarter with use.

Oura will learn your personal temperature patterns and check in on your body to confirm and optimize your predictions.