Experiencing Hollywood needn’t be expensive if you know where to go.

Los Angeles is a dream vacation destination for many, but it can be prohibitively expensive unless you know where to look. Trendy bars, hip salad joints and flashy hotels can set you back thousands of dollars even for a weekend visit, but with a little insider knowledge it’s possible to see the best of this incredible city for just a couple of hundred. Here is how to enjoy a dream weekend in the City of Angels.

Immerse Yourself in Art at The Broad

Some galleries in Los Angeles can prove quite an expensive visit; with entry fees, something from the gift shop, and maybe a cup of coffee afterward, a visit for two of you could easily cost upwards of $100. Thankfully, The Broad is a totally free-to-enter gallery, but this has no effect on the quality of the art on show. The museum cost a staggering $140 million dollars to build and was financed by art philanthropists Edythe and Eli Broad, who were adamant that the permanent collections should always remain free for visitors to view. The art on display is almost exclusively contemporary, with significant pieces from a number of post-war artists. You can easily spend several hours exploring the permanent collections, but once you’re finished make time to take in the building itself. This incredible slab of modernism is truly a sight to behold, whether you’re a budding architect or not!

Stay at The Bike

Finding an affordable place to stay in Los Angeles tends to be the biggest hurdle, but thankfully The Bicycle have that covered. The rooms are a generous size, with air conditioning and ample bathrooms, and they’re only a short car ride into the center of town. Better still they have their own huge casino, so if you fancy spending an evening in, you can play the night away without having to worry about grabbing a cab home.

Of course, if you’re too exhausted to contemplate a round of poker downstairs then with the free WiFi at The Bicycle, you can head up to your room, get cozy in bed and play slots at wildz instead. Slot games don’t require quite the same level of concentration as a full-blown game of poker and, for those who are new to casino games, they provide an easy way to dip your toe in. You never know, by morning you might be feeling confident enough to play cards!

Embrace the Foodie Scene

A bowl of the boat noodle soup at Sapp Coffee Shop is a taste experience that is hard to beat.

Los Angeles is full of delicious places to eat and drink, but some of them come with a hefty price tag. Many of the most exclusive of LA’s restaurants are Japanese, with N/Naka taking the top spot. There’s no denying that their lobster tartare drenched in rich uni butter is delicious, but when you break it down to ingredients and cost, there are probably quite a few places that represent better value for money! One of those places is Sapp Coffee Shop, which has even earned itself a spot in the Michelin guide. Whilst you can pop in and enjoy just a coffee, the dish of the day, every day, at this Thai spot is the beef boat noodle soup. It’s warming, delicious, incredibly healthy, and the broth is unrivalled by any other in the whole city. The other thing to mention is that whilst dinner at N/Naka will cost at least $225 without drinks, being able to have a filling meal with an iced coffee for $10 makes Sapp Coffee Shop a bit of a no-brainer. Once you’ve filled up at Sapp Coffee Shop you’ll be prepared for a full afternoon of sightseeing.