The beautiful and talented, Skylar Stecker, released “hate that for you” last week and we can’t get enough. Inspiring her audience on different levels, the artist shared some insights on love and how she deals with breakups… After all, those are never fun not easy. There is also a music video with the song, bringing it all to a full circle!
Check out and fall in love with Skylar Stecker!

What inspired “hate that for you”?

The song was inspired by my own inner struggle with conflicting thoughts and trying to not let those get in the way of being honest and true to my own needs in a relationship.

What do you do to get over a breakup?

Staying busy always helps! Also remembering that everything happens for a reason and if it wasn’t meant to be, then let it be.

What are some other projects you are currently working on?

I am continuously writing and working on new music. Next year I have a few exciting collaborations in the works that I am excited to share.

If you could go on a tour with another artist, who would it be? 

Hands down, Bruno Mars!

How did you come up with the concept for the music video of “hate that for you”?

I wanted this video to feel organic and not overproduced and the focus to be solely on the range of emotion in order to be able to match the raw feelings of the song.

Photographer: Kigon Kwak
Stylist: Brandon Nicholas 
Hair: Scott King 
Makeup: Phoebe Dawson 
Interview: Alexandra Bonnet