Ok, listen to me clearly. I have tried a variety of skincare products from all over and Peaches Skincare has changed my life in under two weeks! Providing quality and natural products for her customers, the founder, Lisa, brings her bright and beautiful soul to the company and pours an infinite am9unt of love into her products! Whatever you are in need for, they have and all natural! Also, a company that gives back to others, Peaches Skincare is more than a brand…it’s a way of life!

Share with us how you came to launch Peaches Skin Care.

🍑Over 30 years ago, I worked as a makeover artist. I noticed that women were using so much makeup to cover up so many issues on their skin. I also worked with dermatologists and cosmetics surgeons and realized there had to be a better solution. So I created Peaches and my holistic facial that works every time, naturally.

What does skincare mean to you?

🍑Results without invasive procedures or injections. So much skincare is filled with water and fillers and does nothing to actually heal and change the skin. I wanted people to see results that last immediately.

While creating different products, what are your top three focuses for your clients?

🍑Healthy skin without pills and procedures, affordable and results that really last and work. Giving them back their confidence after a beauty industry constantly tells women we are not enough or no longer valued as we age. We are told to change our faces to be beautiful, such a lie.


Tell us more about your personal journey with skincare, the ups, and downs, and the discoveries you made. At what point in your life were you first introduced to a full skincare routine?

🍑 In my twenties, I had acne and issues and the doctors told me I had to take pills to make my skin better. I was told I had oily skin. I realized we all have NORMAL skin and it is what we do to it daily, weekly and monthly that changes it. When I started to create a regimen for myself and my clients the results were amazing.

Favorite products from your brand?

🍑 omg! Too many! I love Peaches flawless exfoliator with Real blueberry pulp, coffee, hibiscus and gotu kola and Peaches polish with sugar and milk ( one of two non vegan products) I use ingredients that have been used for centuries by different cultures to heal and anti-age the skin and they work!! I also love Miracle Mask ( our clients started calling it that!) real pumpkin and papaya enzymes mixed with Kaolin clay.

Please tell us more about the ingredients you use and how they affect our skin.

🍑Antioxidants change the skin and I love blueberries, coffee, healing properties of gotu kola and pomegranate. Lighteners such as Daisy Flower and pumpkin and papaya to name a few. These not only change your skin and keep it healthy but also prevent aging quickly and reverse many signs of aging. If you want more and exactly what they do let me know.

Share with us a success story from one of your clients after using your products for a month.

🍑I have so many Before & Afters but one recent client is Anne she was told by doctors for the past few years that she had a terrible Rosacea issue. She wouldn’t leave the house.  When she sent pictures I realized she simply had activated fungus. We have natural fungus and bacteria always on our skin and it is when we leave an opening for it that we create an issue. After having her start the full regime and a few tricks and tips I have she changed her skin in one month! Her confidence was alive and she was so happy! Her husband said she was more beautiful than ever. I will try to send the picture.

                       Lisa Pfeifer | President of Peaches Skin Care

Who you are when you are not working? What do you like to do? 

🍑I live by the beach and I love the ocean and bike rides and spending time with my husband and best friend. I also love helping others, it fills my soul.

Any important message you would like to give to our readers?

🍑Do not let marketing and social media, filled with filters and lies, tell you that you are not beautiful and worthy of you, and don’t inject or fill or change and cover up your face with layers of makeup. You are amazing and beautiful. I can help ANYONE, ANYWHERE have the skin they have always wanted. If you can open your heart and be patient I can help you. We all have normal skin! If you look at your neck and see healthy skin you know what you are using on your face is hurting it, bad products, sunscreens and foundation, and concealer.  My consultations are complimentary and I would love to help you.


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