We had the amazing chance to get to know more about BRINN BAGS, bringing to you unique, stylish, and vegan bags! An independent, woman-owned accessories label based out of Asbury Park, NJ, they use plant-based leathers as well as organic and recycled materials to make original and distinctive statement pieces. The brand is the final product of a designer who is vegan themselves, which is why it was so important t keep it GREEN. Here at BELLO, we are all for it and we can’t wait for you to discover more about BRINN BAGS!

Share with us the founding story of Brinn. What does the brand mean to you?

I graduated from Parsons with my BFA in photography in 2013. After working in the city as a fashion photographer for a few years, I went through so many horrible camera bags, from function to the overall look. I wanted something that looked really stylish, was multi-functional, comfortable and made from animal-free materials. Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to design my own. 

Soon after, I started to realize how hard it was to find sustainable handbags that fit my personal style. Everything I came across in the market played it safe when it came to design. I’ve never been one to play it safe when it comes to my personal style so I wondered where the products were for me? Handbags seemed like the perfect next step for Brinn.

Why did you decide to go the sustainable route? 

As a vegan myself, it’s a part of my core values to do good by the planet, people & animals. Since I was a little girl, getting dressed and accessorizing has always been such an important part of how I express myself. I knew that if I was going to bring products into the world, I wanted to do so in the most responsible way that I could while also remaining open to learning how I can do better as the brand progresses.

When designing different styles, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I absolutely love watching movies and I have an affinity for vintage furniture. It could be something in the background from a scene from one of my favorite films or something that catches my eye while in a vintage shop. I feel like I get most of my inspiration when I’m not focused on looking for it. 

Tell us more about your personal favorite amid your collection. Why that one?

I think I have a new favorite every week but the Cash Bag is a really special piece to me. Although it wasn’t my first product, in a sense it feels like the first time I really opened up as a designer. I took risks, introduced new materials as well as a new chapter of sustainability to the brand. 

Define beauty for us. 

I think beauty is cumulative. For me, it’s not just what you get at face value but it’s the story behind the person, place or thing that adds layers of beauty. That’s really what I’m drawn to. 

What are your top 3 essentials you always have in your purse? 

Lip liner, an everyday nude lipstick and some cash.

If you had to pick a bag that defines you, what would you pick and why? 

The Honeypie Bum Bag with the oversized gunmetal chain. The Honeypie quilting was actually inspired by one of my favorite shows, Twin Peaks. I adore the functionality of it mixed with the edge that the gunmetal chain brings to the design. It’s function meets glam and that’s basically the theme of my life these days. 

For upcoming designers, what advice would you give them?

Have a vision and always practice patience, persistence and accepting failure. Those four things might be the best parts of my entrepreneurial toolkit. 

Growing up, how did your “dream career” evolve?

When I was younger, I used to run around with my mother’s camera, sit and sketch clothing with my big sister and was always plotting how I can start a little business (i.e painting sea shells with my gel pens and dragging them down the beach on my boogie board with a “for sale” sign). Now, I get to create physical pieces that I’m very proud of, photograph everything for the brand and get to pack and ship them off to their new homes to be worn and loved. While I’m not sure I ever knew exactly what my “dream career” was, I’d say it evolved pretty authentically. 

Do you believe you have found your purpose yet? Explain. 

I think finding our purpose is an ever evolving journey and I hope I never stop discovering deeper parts of it. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I do and it has opened my mind and my imagination to so, so much. I’m still working on a way to marry all of my interests into one concept but I’m having such a fun time along the way!

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