When you think of the very definition of chic, two words that come to mind are elegant and fashionable. You most likely assume it is something unattainable within a modest budget. However, updating your home decor does not have to be an exorbitant expense. There are several tips you can embrace to bring the chic you seek to the interior of your home. 


If you don’t already, start looking at your local thrift stores. Finding a home for someone else’s discards makes for an affordable way to introduce chic and unique furnishings for your home that will update your look and not break the bank. Depending on which genre of chic you are going for, the amount of work required to refinish an older piece of furniture varies. You may be looking to go with either a boho chic or shabby chic; either of those styles requires the least amount of touching up. 


So what is the difference between the two chics mentioned? Shabby chic is utilizing faded and visibly worn fabrics and finishes. These accompaniments are typically in light or bright colored rooms. In contrast, a Boho chic is a more loud and vibrant approach to decor and furnishings. Boho chic originated in the 1960s and was inspired by the hippie fashion of the same era; it is a unique and eclectic mix of fabrics and textures. 



With every project you undertake, it’s the attention to detail that typically turns your finished product from just nice to spectacular; making those changes while pinching pennies is the money-smart approach. 


Take transforming your bedroom, for example. If you are going to put in the effort to make sure you have your fixtures and furnishings the way you want them, don’t forget to be sure to have the appropriate linens. A coverlet is the ideal type of blanket to give your bedroom the finished chic look. Depending on the color scheme you have established, you can either complement or contrast it with the right bed covering and coordinating pillows/shams. 


Make an accent wall. This is the most affordable yet transforming change you can undertake. If you want a drastic, dramatic chic, use bold contrasting colors. If you are doing a room in a light and airy eggshell, have a black accent wall with the odd sprinkling of black table toppers or throw cushions. 


Have a look around your home for quick and easy fixes that make a huge difference. If you have unsightly power cords, getting those hidden away with a cord concealer will instantly make your room look more tidy and organized. Do you have old and tattered furnishings that are beyond repair? Ridding your home of disarray will not only improve the aesthetic value immediately, but it will help you to focus on what you need to do to get your new chic look underway. 


Bookcases are a nice addition to a room and turning it into a classic chic, yet welcoming, atmosphere. To make that bookcase even more personal, be sure to add small additions to the shelves that emit your personality. 



Have a look around your home to see what small changes you can make to household items you already have. An old, worn wooden ladder lurking in the shed or garage can be a masterful focal point. You’d be surprised what a striking addition it could be after some sanding and fresh paint; hanging towels or blankets from the rungs, depending on the room it’s placed in, would offer an unexpected visual delight.


Giving your home interior a new, chic appearance can be as simple or involved as you’d like it to be. Just be sure to compliment your hard work with the appropriate soft furnishings to pull it all together.