What a pleasure it was accepting Nathalie Dubois’ invitation to her “DPA pre-Oscars gift suite” for the 2022 Awards Season. Featuring amazing companies, each brand was able to share a little bit about themselves in the garden and in five suites of The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel. The event featured a total of 42 worldwide brands, with products to be gifted to guests attending the spectacular event.

SWISS NESCENS recreated a private spa, with skin analysis and facials preparing nominees to the red carpet and offered a nice gift bag with high-performance anti-aging cosmeceuticals, developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Discover skincare in a whole new way!

The Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) hosted a private Kenyan safari lounge and offered “a delegate experience”. Selected Guests were able to pick from either a once in a lifetime 5-day package of Kenya’s world-class beaches or experience a 5 days front row seat to the famous migration on the ultimate Kenyan Safari. Guests also received a luxury high-end gift bag with exclusively sourced high-end Kenyan products!


Tough as a mother brings heart, soul, and protection as with every purchase of one of their jewelry pieces, they gift a piece to a mother who has miscarried or lost a child. Solidarity is key! Us women need to stick together!

Speaking of empowering women, Annick Levesque brings to you a genius innovation that will change your love for purses forever! Having trouble finding your things in your purse? Stress no more as each of her designs come with two small lights that help you navigate through your purse. And the different designs are fashion and pragmatic! Obsessed!


For your skincare routines, make sure to check out Luxie Beauty and Peaches Skincare which provides natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling ten years younger! Now, this next one is truly exciting: Sparti Scents. Easy on-the-go roll-on perfume sticks so you don’t have to worry about taking on a long day with no time to clean up!

As we continue on the route of self-care, Hearthstone Collective brings to you a new way of micro-dosing to help with your anxiety, stress, and more! Who doesn’t love a good facial mask thanks to Matra Mask, Facial lounge, and Manna Kadar Beauty. A few other brands that we loved seeing in that area include: H2rOse,  Reachout Recovery, S1X Born Candle, The Moon Deck, Sacred Spaces, Femme Fatale Beauty, Alkazone, My Bougie Bottle, Connect with Keao, Helen Ficarola, Fallen Stars, I love Julee, Debco Dogo, Dr J’s, Fazup, Maine Island Soap, Stasher, Ubilam, Asea, Dermaclara, Beach Sandy and Frankie Dean.

Of course, the event showcased some delicious snacks such as Topochico, the delicious sparkling water brand, Carvery Kitchen which brings to you fresh and yummy found from brisket to chicken and more, some Buttery Popcorn, and of course, Chipz Happen! Of course, let’s not forget the infamous Pizza Girl bringing to you DELICIOUS and healthy pasta sauces as well as The Candy Pushers and their out-of-this-world homemade fudge and candy…

Selected nominees were able to visit Le Taha’a by Pearl Resorts in French Polynesia, or in Bali the Soori Bali Hotel.

With all the craziness, stress, and sadness happening in the world, the guests will be able to unplug and breathe at Art Botanica. Art botanica and artist Kelley Anderson will give the DPA guest an immersive sensory experience and meditative journey with Mind Travel among her floral art pieces.

DPA and French-born Nathalie Dubois felt very impacted by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and decided to use the DPA platform to help. The Ukrainian Creative Coalition of Hollywood will be hosting a fundraiser within the DPA Pre-Oscars Gifting Suite to spread awareness about the war in Ukraine and to provide material support to its citizens. During the event, the UCCH will also invite celebrities to record personal messages of solidarity to be shared directly with the people of Ukraine

About Nathalie Dubois and DPA: A veteran in the production of star-studded events, Nathalie Dubois, President and CEO of DPA, has proven herself to be exceptionally innovative and successful in the realm of celebrity gift suites. Originally from France, Nathalie Dubois attributes her success in part to her world travels and the exotic cultural influences of the products she picks for her unique gift suites. DPA run normally luxurious and spectacular gifting suites in LA, the weeks of various award shows, but also can be seen in the biggest film festivals such as Cannes, Venice or Toronto. DPA also opened its first Asian office in Tokyo, Japan in 2017, facilitating her work with the Asian market. You can find details on DPA at www.dpagroup.org