And if you “reached out” to the universe, it means that you have activated the “waiting mode” of a carefree happy holiday. Now imagine that you spent the days prescribed by law, spent money, visited the sea, and got a tan, but there was no joy, and no! How to avoid such a scenario and get the most out of your vacation?

Looking for information

Preparation plays a very important role. It is worth finding as much information as possible about the place where you are planning a trip and where you want to stay. You should also decide in advance what you want to see in a particular location – so think over the route before it starts.

Let’s take an example: you love massages, but you are going to Dubai for 2 weeks. You don’t want to miss sessions, so upon arrival, you start looking for massage in dubai in spa centers with good reviews. And what do you see? Most likely the nearest entry will be only in a month! And you will have to be content with massage and spa in a beauty spa on the outskirts of a dialect with dubious service. Therefore, it is worth finding out information about the object you are interested in, in our case, the spa center, in advance.

Plan your vacation in advance

Try to correlate the budget of the trip with your interests and desires, so that later you will not be disappointed with your vacation. After choosing the country you want to visit, find out about the weather that awaits you there. Travel agents do not always give warnings about the rainy or windy season, so it is better to deal with this issue yourself. Find out about all areas in the city where you will live.

Don’t overestimate

Choose what you think is the best hotel for the price and don’t expect anything special, it will help you to be pleasantly surprised.

Give yourself time to switch

Has it ever happened to you that you just started to enjoy the pleasure of a vacation, and it immediately ended? I think most of us have faced such situations. After all, it is important not only to carve out time from your busy work schedule for vacation but also to give the body time to switch from one mode to another. It is very important to give yourself enough time to break the working rhythm and allow the body to fully relax.

Pack your bags wisely

Experts in the field of “suitcase management” can be considered those who go on weekly business trips, for all other people the skill of packing a suitcase is rather weak. If you are accustomed to delaying the moment of collecting things on vacation until the last moment, you are sure that you take a lot of excess with you, and the necessary remains forgotten on the shelves. Tip: if on a trip you find that one or another thing is missing in your suitcase, be sure to write down this fact, and most importantly, do not lose the record, so a list of the most necessary things will gradually be collected.

Be sure to leave room in your luggage for things that you take with you from your vacation. It can be anything: from a comb to a mink coat, it all depends on the place of your vacation.

Get away from work and the usual daily hustle and bustle

Arriving on vacation, it is advisable to turn off your mobile phone and not use the Internet to communicate with clients or colleagues. Forget about work and problems that may be waiting for you after returning. Do not rely on the usual daily routine, on vacation you can afford to sleep or, conversely, not go to bed until morning. Indulge your desires, and the rest will give you maximum pleasure.

These life hacks work on all trips, regardless of country, scale, or duration. Therefore, the main goal of a vacation (even a short one) is to form a maximum of pleasant memories.