Have a pimple emergency? Don’t worry, this kit is here to save the day!

Rescue Mission Holiday Kit ($36.99)

This brand is here to make sure you never have to worry about your pimple emergency again! They offer a variety of products from patches to balms and more. This Rescue Mission Holiday Kit includes 4 blemish essentials you need to calm your breakouts.

Body Wash, Body Lotion, AND a CBD infused candle…what more can you ask for?

Nécessaire x Heretic Parfum Set ($85)

Nécessaire always brings their A game as they offer products for your body, hands, sex care, and more. Deodorant, body wash, hair care… Whatever you need they have it. This set comes with body wash, body lotion, and a CBD infused candle so you can prepare your perfect relaxation setting. Run yourself and bath and relax!

Brighten your complexion with this secret weapon

Starlet Glow Strawberry Face Serum ($7)

Hard Candy offers popping colors, cruelty-free products, and that extra spunk you want to add to your day to day life. Give your eyes a sparkle, flare, fun, and sexy look or plump your lips and give them a smack. Whatever it is, you are sure to feel like a new and empowered person. Here at BELLO, we love the Starlet Glow Strawberry Face Serum which is the secret formula to radiant skin! Muah!

Get that luminous glow with this vegan skin perfecting primer

Glow/Humble- Skin Perfecting Primer ($59)

Bodhi Beverly Hills offers products to help your skin in different areas. Dryness, oil control, dark spots, dullness, and uneven tone, are the main issues the products’ target. They offer cleansers, masks, serums…everything you need to get your skin feeling and looking healthier. This Glow/Humble Skin Perfecting Primer leaves the skin feeling plumped and hydrated with a light matte finish. Convinced yet?

Get romantic with this amazing eyeshadow palette

Divine Skies Eyeshadow Palette ($38)

Express yourself through color with EM Cosmetics products. Whatever area on your face you wish to target, accentuate, you can find a product that fits! Get your brows on fleek, eyeshadow layered up, and lips poppin! Our favorite is the Divine Skies Eyeshadow Palette that brings out your more romantic side. Bisous!


Don’t be shy and take a look at all the wonders this collection has to offer

Halo Holiday Collection ($65)

A majority of BodyoGraphy products are infused with beneficial ingredients, such as antioxidants, anti-aging superfoods, and minerals to leave your skin looking and feeling its best. From their makeup to skincare, you can rely on them to provide quality products. The Halo Holiday Collectio includes glitter pigment, liquid liner pen, lava liquid lipstick, highlighter, foundation primer, travel-sized brush set, AND bath bomb. What more can you ask for?


Feel like a queen and take care of your eyes with this 24K gold under eye gel

24K Gold Under Eye Gel ($16)

Masqueology blends traditional Korean beauty concepts with modern technology and ingredients to help you unmask the beauty within. Their masks and serums bring the spa experience to you! Especially given our current state of the world, this is the perfect self-care brand! This 24K Gold Under Eye Gel will make you feel like a queen!

Give yourself the ultimate hairstyle with this amazing styler holiday gift set

Styler Holiday Gift Set ($12)

We all have very different types of hair that deserve special and specific attention. NatureLab has a variety of products that control dry, frizzy, curly, flat, oily–any type of hair. Furthermore, their website offers you different page options to learn more about ingredients and more. The Styler Holiday Gift Set includes shine oil mist, smooth blowout lotion, smooth hair oil, and volume blowout jelly.

Perfect to get that clean and fresh look on the go!

Shower Better Kit ($55)

Fragrance is important and Fulto&Roark knows that. From colognes to soaps to soaps, you are guaranteed to smell freeeesh with this brand. The Shower Better Kit will keep you fresh clean and smelling great!

Perfect to get that clean and fresh look on the go!

Going Viral 3-in-1 Dry Shampoo ($8)

The Mane Club offers not only quality products but products that smell and feel amazing. Their hair masks, oils, and spray will leave your hair wanting more. Whatever it is, you can fix any “glitch” with your hair. This 3-in-1 Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil, instantly volumizes, and texturizes your hair. Love it!



Get that natural shine no matter the weather with this sunlight styling spray

Sunlight Styling Spray ($26)

Ecru New York brings the hair salon to you. Don’t let this pandemic stop you from treating yourself to that perfect hairdo. Safe and healthy, you won’t want to miss out on scrolling through their website! The Sunlight Styling Spray allows you to style and restyle. Layer to desired control without becoming stiff or sticky. Provides natural shine. Great for hot tool use. Look no further!

A gloss…just not for your lips

Limited Edition Major Glow Face Gloss ($38)

Stand out with Patrick Ta’s products. Body, lips, face, tools, they got it all. The brand was inspired by strong women in the owner’s life which is why it was dedicated to them. Be your best self and take a look! Don’t be shy!! The Limited Edition Major Glow Face Gloss works for your lips but not just that… It works for your nose, cheekbones, eyebrows, and more!