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“Extrapolations” is a bracing drama from writer, director and executive producer Scott Z. Burns that introduces a near future where the chaotic effects of climate change have become embedded into our everyday lives. Eight interwoven stories about love, work, faith and family from across the globe will explore the intimate, life-altering choices that must be made when the planet is changing faster than the population. Every story is different, but the fight for our future is universal. And when the fate of humanity is up against a ticking clock, the battle between courage and complacency has never been more urgent. Are we brave enough to become the solution to our own undoing before it’s too late?

The first episodes are available on Apple TV+.

The show extrapolate on what we know is gonna happen to our planet in the very near future. For example the devastation of Miami being battered with stronger hurricanes after hurricanes and weekly floods is probably something we will all gonna witness in our lifetime. Most of the devastating things in this show are things we already experience and witness on our planet. But for me the scary factor of this show is the human greed, because even tho there are billions of people suffering the consequences, very often it only take one single greedy asshole to ruin it all for us. And still, we all remain silent, nobody is really taking actions to change and reverse things. I am afraid the core message of Extrapolations will just fly above people’s head (just like all other messages did in the past) Is a wake up call even useful at this point? Because it does not matter how loud that wake up call is if it is too late, then it is too late … just like sleeping in and getting a loud alarm won’t make you arrive on time, planet earth has sent too many alarms so far. As I always said, the planet will regenerate itself with or without us. It never was about saving the planet, it was always about saving humanity! To put it into perspective, the origin of our species, Homo sapiens, dates back approximately 300 thousand years ago, which also seems a long time ago, but represents only 0.007% of the entire history of the planet … so if you think we are useful or represent a necessity to this planet, think again!