Christen Dominique’s First Step Into CLEAN Complexion Products

“I have such dry, dehydrated skin year-round and wanted to formulate the ultimate complexion must-haves that I would go out and purchase myself. I find myself reaching for the primer serum and mist daily – even when I’m not wearing makeup – as part of my skincare routine. No matter what skin type you have, our skin needs as much love, support, and hydration as it can get!”

 Christen Dominique, YouTube creator & Dominique Cosmetics founder

ICYMI: Check out Dominique Cosmetics’ NEW Transition Palette, perfect for all-over brightening, contour, bronzer, blush, eyes, and brows. For more intense neutral looks, wet an eyeshadow brush with the Ultra Hydrating Fine Mist for the most sultry, smoky glam.

Available February 26th at

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