What can I say? ODACITE will change your whole perspective on skin care. Striving to find the balance between efficacy and purity,  Valerie Grandury has achieved her goals as she invented products which use no toxins (fillers, parabens,nanoparticles, and more). These products take on an even stronger meaning as Valerie decided to launch this company after she survived breast cancer. Her body, mind, and soul came together as one throughout the creation of ODACITE, making its purpose all the more profound.

ODACITE Skincare offers a variety of products from serums to moisturizers to masks and more. Don’t know where to begin? You can take a Skin Quiz on their website which allows you to discover the best products for your skin type. Many of us can get a little lost and overwhelmed with the amount of skin care products on the market but ODACITE simplifies this for us dramatically thanks to their wellness blog and the quiz.

However, the real magic happens thanks to the Crystal Contour Guasha. This device has allowed skin care to reach a whole new level. Made from real crystals, the GUA SHA opens up your pores as much as it opens up your mind. It is a facial massage you give yourself that was used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. The GUA SHA smooths over wrinkles,helps visibly firm the facial contours, awakens the skin’s natural glow, and helps reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. GUA SHA will leave you feeling fresh, clean, and glowing.

By Alexandra Bonnet
Website: https://odacite.com/
Photos: Odacité