In the serene ambiance of Altha‘s headquarters in Marina Del Rey, we meet with Letizia Silvestri, the Italian visionary behind this unique brand. Renowned for its harmonious blend of sound therapy and aromatic experiences, Altha stands as a testament to Letizia’s transformative journey from the luxury car event industry to the realm of holistic wellness. Letizia chose Marina Del Rey for its tranquility, seeking serenity to finally find her life’s purpose. “I needed silence,” she reflects. “And from that silence, gentle, healing sounds began to emerge. The sounds of gongs, bowls, and bells guided me on a path of discovery.”

This journey was deeply influenced by Zen, a maltreated dog she rescued. Letizia becomes emotional as she recounts how Zen’s healing process paralleled her own recovery from stress, lack of sleep, and exhaustion. “Zen’s presence inspired me to find healing in sound, which ultimately healed my own wounds,” she shares.

Despite her love for Los Angeles, Letizia yearned for calm amidst the urban hustle. Discussing the impact of urban noise, she expresses concern about acoustic pollution in Western cities. “It’s more than an annoyance,” Letizia says. “It’s a health hazard, linked to cardiovascular diseases and psychiatric problems.” This realization led her to Marina Del Rey, a haven close enough for her clients yet far from the city’s chaotic noise.

Altha’s retreats, based in remote and beautiful places in nature, offer a sensory escape. “We choose locations like Palmaia, The House of AïA, for their natural soundscapes,” she explains. “These places, away from the cacophony of urban life, help reset our internal frequencies, promoting relaxation and well-being.” Letizia emphasizes the importance of engaging all the senses, combining soothing sounds with stunning visuals, organic textures, flavors, and natural scents.

Amidst the gentle chime of Tibetan bowls and the unique craftsmanship of quartz bowls, Letizia introduces “Awaken,” Altha’s signature scent. This luminous floral woody fragrance is a tribute to the tranquil Californian coast. “Awaken represents a balance of masculine yang and feminine yin energies,” Letizia explains. “It captures the essence of nature’s calm and the human spirit’s resilience.”

Delving into the science of scent, Letizia shares that our olfactory sense is powerfully linked to the limbic system, the emotional and memory center of the brain. “This connection allows scents like ‘Awaken’ to reprogram our subconscious mind,” she notes, “fostering a sense of peace that becomes reflexive upon subsequent encounters with the fragrance.”

On the importance of sound in therapy, Letizia highlights the principle of resonance. “Each cell in our body emits a unique sound frequency,” she says. “In our sound therapy sessions, we aim to harmonize these frequencies, realigning the dissonant tones of stress and anxiety with soothing, healing vibrations.”

She elaborates on the significance of water, noting that the human body’s high water content enhances the effects of sound therapy. “Sound waves travel more effectively within us, amplifying the therapeutic impact,” she adds.

Asked about her future plans, Letizia reveals her intention to host a retreat in Italy, blending North American and European cultures. “I am deeply connected to my Italian roots,” she says. “I plan to keep developing new ways to connect to the essence of our bodies, bridging my ancestry with my present.”

In the midst of our conversation, Letizia touches upon the crucial role of community in personal growth. “Our development is deeply intertwined with our connections,” she reflects. “Learning to love ourselves, and in turn, to love those around us, is fundamental. It’s a journey of mutual growth and understanding.” This philosophy is palpable in the atmosphere of Altha’s sound baths, where individuals come together, fostering a sense of community that nurtures self-love and deepens connections.

Situated close to the Still Life Center, Altha’s monthly sound baths have become a haven within the city. Letizia shares her connection to the wellness and entrepreneur community: “There are incredible people here with transformative ideas. They require serenity to unlock their full potential, and Still Life resonates with Altha’s mission in nurturing this through our monthly sound baths.”

In her final thoughts, Letizia emphasizes Altha’s holistic approach. “Our monthly events, where we infuse the ‘Awaken’ scent with sound therapy, are not just about relaxation,” she concludes. “They’re about empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of modern life, maintaining a harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit.”

For those seeking to immerse in Altha’s world, information about their retreats in Palmaia and Italy, or to experience the ‘Awaken’ scent, Letizia invites a visit to Altha’s website or IG. Beyond products, the site offers resources like free meditations and a blog with weekly wellness and spirituality insights. “We’re dedicated to empowering and enriching our community,” Letizia concludes, her commitment to holistic wellness reflected in her every word.