IT’S SUPREME BOX LOGO TIME! But this time, the inspiration and reasoning for the drop is one founded upon charity and solidarity.

Just this week, Supreme joined the ranks of dozens of high profile brands and celebrities in an effort to diminish the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), by releasing a special edition ‘COVID-19 Relief’ Box Logo Tee.

The skateboard and clothing company says that that they will be releasing a brand new box logo Tee shirt this Friday, designed by legendary artist Takashi Murakami, with plans to donate all of the profits to ​Help USA; ​an organization built upon establishing safe communities for homeless individuals and families, as well as provide proper resources to ensure the success of each and every person they help.

Unfortunately, the shirts are only sold online in the US and Canada, but if you would still like to donate to ​Help USA, ​please click on the link below.

Photo: Supreme

By Matt Koger