Velour, the leaders in hand-made luxury lashes, is pushing the falsies boundaries with the introduction of their Lash & Go Eyeliner ; a hybrid lash applicator that is lash adhesive when wet and eyeliner when dry . This patent pending, innovative formula is the first of its kind, removing the barrier for lash application.

While false lashes add flair and volume to any look, there is an art to the process that may intimidate those that are just starting to explore the world of falsies. You start by measuring and trimming the lashes to ensure an ideal fit, followed by strategically applying the right amount of glue, placing the strip close to the lash line, and lastly, adding a line of liquid eyeliner to camouflage the lash band with your lash line. Recognizing that there must be a simpler way to streamline this process and dispel falsie fear, Velour conceived their Lash & Go Eyeliner bearing flawless lash application in fewer steps. Lash beginners – we dare you to give this a try – if you can do eyeliner, you can do lashes.

This cutting edge multi-purpose product is transforming the way consumers think about faux lashes. Lash application is made easy with this foamed tip eyeliner that glides on, perfectly guiding your approach. For a no lash kind of day, the liner can be used on its own dispensing an intensely pigmented black liner that has a satin-matte finish for a smudge-proof, long-lasting wear. When wet, you can use in replace of lash adhesive to apply false lashes, eliminating glue build-up, and extending the life of your lashes.

Velour Beauty are lash innovators that aim to inspire empowerment and lash confidence. Founded in 2011 with the launch of their robust portfolio of exceptional, natural, lightweight, long-lasting and ethically-sourced lashes that have been a beauty game-changer since inception. With this new launch, Velour is poised to become the leader in eye-centric cosmetics worldwide.

A weightless, long-lasting liner with impact, The Lash & Go Eyeliner is available at and in all Sephora doors in the USA & CAD and in all Ulta doors.



Headquartered in Toronto Ontario, Velour Beauty is an eye-centic cosmetics company known for their innovation and high quality products. Compared to single-use, disposable lashes, Velour can be worn on average 20+ uses and their exceptional, natural, lightweight, long-lasting and ethically-sourced lashes have been a beauty game-changer since 2011, creating a whole wardrobe of “faux lashes for real life.” Velour are lash innovators that aim

to inspire empowerment and lash confidence using the most incredible materials, from fin mink to silk, which means their ultra-natural designs mimic the look and feel of your natural lashes with many options to choose from.