No Valet is the second single from Siena Liggins’ debut album “Ms. Out Tonight” (April 27th via Assemble Sound) following the lead single with Yung Baby Tate, and this sultry ballad written at her writing camp in ATL takes us from the front of the club (“Dirty Girl”) to the backseat of a car in the club’s parking lot (No Valet). The visuals are finally out today! Here at BELLO, we can’t stop playing her song on replay.

“No Valet is steamy, downtempo braggadocio disguised as a backseat car anthem for whatever happens after the after party” – Siena Liggins

It will get your heart pumping, feet stomping, and body rockin’. Truly talented, Siena Liggins is bringing her A-game and we can’t wait to see what her debut album will bring!

“I was listening to a lot of old songs produced by Timbaland before Nydge laid down this really sexy bass line that put me in the mood for something steamy and dreamy at the same time. No Valet feels like tequila, salt, and lime in that order. It’s the confidence I get after the function is over and the groove I need when I’m talking my shit, but I don’t drink and drive. So please don’t bring my keys once I reach that limit.” – Siena Liggins

Enjoy lovelies!