Maria Nila, the Swedish produced vegan, and cruelty-free certified haircare brand is expanding their extensive Style & Finish line with the addition of five new colour-preserving aerosol styling products formulated with healthy, effective vegan ingredients to create any style, texture, or desired look.

With a growing portfolio of over 100 high-quality vegan products, Maria Nila’s hair care is always developed to be gentle to both hair and nature. The same goes for the Style & Finish Collection which is packed with clean, nourishing ingredients like potato starch, vitamin E, rice starch, and Abyssinian oil. The star ingredients in the new line offerings include sunflower seed extract and a protecting antioxidant, two stand-out elements that offer major protection against damage from free radicals and preserve hair color longer. The sunflower extract has to repair qualities protecting the hair from color loss and damage caused by UV radiation and hot styling tools. Paired with the brand’s protective antioxidant which also protects the hair against damage and preserves hair color longer by absorbing UV radiation protects the bindings from weakening and the hair from damage caused by sunlight. Whether it’s hold, shine, curls, textures, freshening effect or heat protection, these high-quality products are environmentally friendly, super protective, and gentle on the hair.

Below is a complete list of products that are now available:

Extreme Spray ($33) – A strong yet gentle spray with extra hold. This product gives great control to updos or hairstyles that need a long-lasting hold. The Extreme Spray has a vanilla-balsamic fragrance, with fruity notes of passion fruit and apple.

Finishing Spray ($33) – A gentle spray with a stronghold, yet easy to brush out. Use the spray to finish off the styling or updo to keep the style in place.

Styling Mousse ($33) – A volumizing mousse with medium hold that leaves the hair healthy and shiny. The mousse can be used as a foundation for an updo, before straightening/ curling, or just to add more structure and definition to the hair.

Styling Spray ($33) – A gentle spray with light hold that adds shine and reduces frizz. This is the lightest hair spray from the styling series.

●Volume Spray ($33)) – A volumizing spray which works for adding volume before the styling process. The Volume Spray is a wet product to be used exclusively on damp hair, which can be blow-dried in for optimal results.

Over the past four years, Maria Nila’s products have excited consumers in over 30 countries as they continue to create vegan and climate-friendly products that result in amazing hair as the brand’s main focus. Additionally, the brand is particularly proud of their own production plant located in Helsingborg, Sweden, where they produce all of their products. Carefully and passionately, the MariaNila developers and chemists choose every single ingredient processed into their final products while performing safety and quality checks in every step of the production chain to ensure that the products are of the highest quality. Driving and controlling the entire process from concept to completion means that Maria Nila is able to guarantee healthy working conditions, high-quality ingredients and sustainable packaging; the key to their success.

Maria Nila’s current offerings range from $14.00 and $67.00 and will be available at, Cosmoprof Beauty, and salons nationwide For more information on Maria Nila, visit and follow Maria Nila on Instagram @marianilastockholm