Jadah Marie may be young but her mind and heart are in the right place. Working hard to achieve her dreams as an actress, she wows those around her with her talent, poise, and wit. At BELLO, we had a chance to get to know her and discuss what it is like entering the entertainment business at such a young age. Her style is inspiring as she acts, makes videos and more. She has many projects coming out which we can’t wait to see! Jadah Marie has hopped onto the train to success and there is no stopping it now! 

Being so young, what pushed you to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, both acting and music?

My first love has always been acting.  From that first time my Dad, who is also an awesome actor, took me along to a meeting with his agent, when I was 3 and the agent pointed down at me and said what about her, that was it, I was in, hooked and on my way.  I’ve been acting since then.  Although I’ve always loved music and I’m sort of an old soul, loving all the music my Dad listened to.. …we really didn’t know I could sing, until Descendants 3.  During the audition process, we were asked to act, sing and dance and my entire family was blown away, when they heard me sing & what I could do.  Every since Descendants we’ve been in the studio working on my Debut EP “One Tribe”.  It just so happens that my very next role for Netflix, I play a rapper & I’m so excited for everyone to get a chance to see my rap skills.

Tell us about Julie and the Phantoms, please explain your role and what fans can expect to see! 

I think fans really aren’t going to be ready for the Netflix New Musical series, “Julie and the Phantoms”.  First of all, like Descendants, High School Musical, Newsies…it’s another Kenny Ortega Musical Production and every Musical Kenny Ortega touches is a hit.  I thought I would jump out of my skin & felt so lucky, when  Kenny Ortega hand picked me for the role of Flynn in Julie and the Phantoms.  It’s a dream role.  I’m a DJ, I’m a Rapper, I’m a Poet & A Best Friend and that lil voice of reason that’s always in your ear.  I love everything about Flynn she’s a deep thinker & has such a crazy fresh unique fashion sense too.  All I can say to fans is get ready to dance, dance dance and sing around your rooms!

Who has been your biggest support?

My biggest support has always been my Family.  My Mom and Dad.  But, I have to say, like my character Celia, in “Descendants 3”,  I’m a Daddy’s Girl.  My Dad has been there, fighting for me all the way.  From taking me to classes, auditions, meet and greets, to get my hair done, sports, just everything.  To see how he hustles, makes deals for my music and my career, finding the best people to surround me with and protecting me against bad energy.  I just love him for that and love both my parents for all the love and support.  They are my biggest cheerleaders.

What do you hope to accomplish as an influencer/actress? 

I love Acting- the lights, cameras, red carpet events, but what I love even more is that I am able to be an influencer, to inspire my generation, to set what I hope will always be a good example and to cheer my fans and generation on, so that we all achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.  With all that is going on, it’s so clear that we must continue to make sure our voices are heard and make sure we are making a difference to create a world that is very different from the World that was created for us.  I hope as an influencer & actress I can continue to use my gifts to give to my fans , my generation and the world.

As a musical artist, where do you see your creativity taking you?

As a Musical Artist, I’m so very fortunate to have ridiculously Creative Kara Saun as my Creative Director & Chief Creative Officer for my Music, Merch & Brand.  I was fortunate to meet Kara Saun when she was the Creative Consultant & Costume Designer for Descendants 3 and I love how we are able to collaborate on every aspect of my music, from the fashion, to the Merch, to the music videos.   She’s genius and a World Builder & I’m learning not just the Creative side of how things work, but the business side, which is just as important.   As an Independent Artist whether Music and Acting, I just love having the freedom to create & build the type of World that fits who I am.  The fans will get to see the real me & who I am.  Not someone else’s version of who they think I should be.   I see no limits to my creativity.  We are creating music & content and I can’t wait for the fans to enjoy all the amazing projects we have coming their way.

Tell us about your music. Your style, inspiration, etc.

I’m so excited for fans to hear my music. My style is very much a mix of Pop Voodoo Princess & R&B.   My inspiration behind the music & my first EP is really just telling my amazing Fairytale story of how I got to where I am.  Descendants 3 changed the game for me and took me to new heights and the road to Descendants 3 is really a Fairytale Story.  This Album shares that Fairytale, but its also a tale of how its up to us to determine and write how our Fairytale ends.  It’s up to us to make sure our Fairytales are telling the stories our Generation needs to hear.  This is a story of what happens after you are granted that one wish and how you use that wish to give back to others, your fans & the World.

During quarantine, have you taken up any new hobbies? 

I wouldn’t say it’s a new Hobby, but I’ve definitely taken my TikTok game to an entirely new level.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I’m such a huge foody, I love food, but oddly really picky at the same time, so it’s a weird combination.

Share with us any other current projects you are working on.  

There’s so much magic in the works right now.   I can’t share too too much, but my good friend Kylie Cantrel & l are working on some really awesome projects to do together to inspire, uplift & most importantly galvanize our Gen Z generation in this Covid-19 New Normal World.  Our debut Album “One Tribe” has a ton of fun ancillary & outreach projects that we will be running simultaneously.  Can’t wait for everyone to check out the Jadah Marie On-line site & Merch Line which will also be launching.  Although all these amazing things are still in the work & super important, Covid-19 has definitely changed things alot, mainly because right now it’s so important for us to come together for each other, even as we pursue our own dreams.  It’s important to put things in perspective.

Favorite part of dressing up?

I think my fav part of dressing up, especially for photo shoots like this amazing shoot with Photographer Rob Echanique and Bello Magazine is that it allows me to play and dive into so many fun characters.  It just that- “dress up”.  It’s not real,  it allows me to play these crazy fantastical roles for a few hours then go back to my jeans and t-shirts and just being myself.   It so much fun.  I love this concept of being a Voodoo Princess for one look, it’s a twist on my Descendants 3 Celia Character, but a very grown up Celia, with an entirely new edge.  And on the other hand it also a look into my debut EP Album “One Tribe”, so I get to give the fans a peek of fun things to come.   Then my Sporty Pink Princess for me was saying I can be a Princess and Girly Tomboy too.    I’ve played sports- basketball, softball and karate all my life, but loved those times when I could play dress up.

Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Funny, Unique, Fashionista

When quarantine is over, where is the first place you will go to?

I can’t wait to go see my family, like my grandma and grandpa.  We have a huge close knit family.  I am the baby and there’s 9 of us.  I have new nieces and nephews and I’m sooo looking forward to when we can all be together again.

By Alex Marie


Photographer ROB ECHANIQUE @robechanique
Creative Direction KARASAUN @kara_saun
Styling PARRISH MCKNIGHT @thatdudebarry
Hair KENDRA @kendragarvey
Makeup SAISHA BEECHAM @saishabeecham
Production @BELLOMediaGroup x @Maisonpriveepr_la x @bonnetalex18