Get ready for another round of screams!

Radio Silence, the popular horror filmmaking collective, will be directing and producing the new “Scream” reboot for Spyglass Media. The collective’s previous film was the horror-comedy hit, “Ready or Not.”

Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett will be directing, while Chad Villela will be producing. It hasn’t been announced yet whether or not the film will be a continuation of the “Scream” franchise (“Scream 4” was released in 2011) or whether it will be a complete franchise reboot.

“Scream” was first released in 1996 and directed by horror maestro Wes Craven. The film paid homage and gave several references to horror film cliches, making their characters hyper-aware of the horror movie they were living in. In 2015, MTV developed a TV series based on the series, but following a new cast characters and set in a different town.

The reboot is the latest in a trend of horror franchises being remade for a contemporary audience, the most popular being Blumhouse’s successful 2018 “Halloween.”

By Michael Jacobo

Photo: Dimension Films