Pantry LA Offers Direct Delivery To Los Angeles

The World of Biodynamics Has Officially Arrived

Angelenos and the SoCal wellness community are reveling in the opening of Pantry LA in West Hollywood. Pantry LA is a boutique marketplace built on community and the wisdom of experts. It’s where the biodynamic and naturopathic lifestyle is not only celebrated, but elevated. Pantry LA offers direct delivery to LA via phone at 310-707-1556 and Postmates. 

A one-stop shop where locals can pop in to meet their daily wellness needs, Pantry LA creates a relaxed environment led by experts to help those looking for everything from biodynamic local farm produce, fish, and meat, to coffee, medicinal tonics, hemp and beauty products.

Co-founded by biodynamics fanatic Brandie Rossi, Pantry LA realizes a place where the heart of a city can thrive in a physical space of self-discovery with the goal of improving health and wellness. Brandie grew up in a farm community and by an early age understood the connection between the cycle of nature and our health. As the former Erewhon regional director of nutrition and assistant director of stores, Rossi has taken her experience with larger markets and scaled it down to create an intimate space. Pantry LA is open 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Sunday.

Product Selection 

Pantry LA carries only the best of the best and conducts a rigorous vetting process with each potential vendor to ensure products are sustainably sourced, biodynamically grown and geared towards elevating health, mind, body and soul. High standards are the only standards at Pantry LA. Pantry LA also carries hand sanitary, available two per customer.  

A few of the top immunity boosting products include:

  • Lupo-spheric Vitamin C
  • Quantum Silver (buried treasure)
  • Christara Zinc, Christara Cold and Flu
  • Vive Immune Boost
  • Deep Immune health WholeSun Wellness
  • WYLDE ONE Immune Shrooms

Grab-and-Go Menu Options 

Pantry LA offers a biodynamic, locally-sourced menu. Experience healthy and delicious salads, including chicken, potato, and cropped kale versions. Shop for specialty butters with tempting flavors like saffron, lavender, truffle, rose and honey. Enjoy hand-made yogurts, which come in keto-diet-friendly creamy options, as well as light cream and light. Pantry LA also features the work of guest chefs, including Kat Hu of Hook + Hoof in downtown Los Angeles, and other well-known California chef talents. 

Gourmet Groceries and Wellness Drinks

As a one-stop shop for all biodynamic needs, Pantry LA offers an expansive selection of groceries. Those looking for sustainable proteins to cook at home can look no further than Pantry LA’s cold case, featuring meat selections like ribeye steak, ground beef and more from Watkins Ranch of Ojai, Calif., as well as humanely raised Jidori Chicken from Newport Meat Co., fresh black cod, halibut, salmon, crab and other seafoods from the Santa Barbara Fish Market, and produce from Apricot Lane.

Let’s talk drinks. Pantry LA features a highly curated tonic and elixir bar including hand-crafted elixirs to support wellness and healing for a variety of health concerns. Specialty drinks include Reiki-elevated herbal tonic blends created by an in-house naturopath, to drinks like the Honey Nut Serial featuring Beekeeper’s Honey with high potency hemp, Superfat cacao, coconut butter, oat milk and saffron. Elixir offerings include the Hormone Harmony to help boost immune system, lower cortisol, relieve stress and anxiety, and balance hormones.

Curated Coffee Bar

Pantry LA features a must-try coffee bar including Modern Times Cold Brew on tap, biodynamic medicinal Willie’s Remedy coffee, and other coffee brands with fair or direct trade exclusively from family-run estates. Don’t miss the signature 24k Latte with Monotonic Gold Papua New Guinea coffee.

Beauty & More

A selection of superior clean and biodynamic beauty, hemp and CBD products will be available for those looking to find beauty both inside and out. Select offerings include: DoTERRA, Vital Body Therapeutics, Winged full-spectrum hemp products, and more.

Monthly Farmers’ Market 

Pantry LA’s Farmers’ Market will take place on the second Saturday of every month, offering LA’s health-conscious customers to experience small, unique, top-quality brands, while enjoying a relaxed, 1970s vibe in a modern-day setting. The markets are held behind Pantry LA, and offer organic and biodynamic fruits and vegetables, free-range meats, mineral broth elixirs, and much more from a revolving assortment of local vendors including Apricot Lane. Brand owners will be on hand to educate, enlighten and inspire patrons.

What exactly Is Biodynamic? 

Organic and biodynamic approaches are very similar; both involve raising foods without chemicals and GMOs. Organic farming focuses on achieving food of high nutritional quality and optimum quantities without using artificial fertilizers, synthetic chemicals, genetic modification, antibiotics, growth promoters, hormones or pesticides. However, biodynamic takes it a step further than organic. It is a holistic practice where all things are viewed as living and interrelated systems – animals, plants and the solar system. Unlike traditional farming methods, biodynamic practices create healthier plants and heals the earth by replenishing the soil and adding vitality to the plant, soil and livestock. 

The Vibe 

Upon entering Pantry LA, the community is instantly greeted by vibrant artwork, chalkboard menu descriptors, and a retail space where knowledgeable staff and naturopaths are stationed to answer any and all biodynamic related questions.