If you’re looking for a smoking alternative that has neither the high from THC, nor the added nicotine effects that come with cigarettes, then consider BLĀZ’s 100% percent USA Hemp based, all natural smokes.

BLĀZ’s Premium Natural Hemp Smokes contain less than 0.3% of THC; and are expertly farmed, grown, dried, and cured within an all plant powered facility—making them perfect for your lungs, so you can have the best non-habit forming smoking experience for either your own indulgence, or perhaps maybe even a prop for your next photoshoot.

Currently, BLĀZ’s line of Premium Natural Hemp Smokes are sold in the select quantities: the 10 Pack Premium Natural Hemp Smokes, 10 Pack Premium Menthol Hemp Smokes, 20 Pack Premium Natural Hemp Smokes, and the 20 Pack Premium Menthol Hemp Smokes (with each variation available in the carton size as well).

Head on over to BLĀZ’s website in order to check out the next revolutionary alternative to smoking.

Photo: Instagram

By Matt Koger