From world of food to fashion…

One of the most influential people in Fashion, Chiara Ferragni, has decided to team up with Oreo, one of the most famous and emblematic products in the world. Here at BELLO, we are happy to see this sweet collaboration happen!

The influencer continues to reap success upon success, increasing her popularity at the international level. One day ago, Chiara Ferragni announced an important partnership…

In fact, the influencer has published a video presenting the project, a collaboration with the Oreo team for a limited edition of the famous biscuits. The video was an immediate success, with more than two million views and over 2,000 comments.

Good news, the taste doesn’t change! No strange tastes or fruity, just the classic super crumbly cocoa biscuit filled with milk cream. There will be a new packaging created in limited edition where not only the images of the Oreo classics but also the famous logo with Chiara’s eye will dominate.

The influencer is launching a competition “Free Your Oreo Style.” By purchasing two packs of Oreo biscuits, it will give you the chance to win the capsule collection Chiara Ferragni x Oreo made exclusively and in limited edition. Please, read the website dedicated to the super fashion contest where you can win splendid sweatshirts, pants and t-shirts.

The Oreo by Chiara Ferragni will be available in the next two weeks, it will be the same price as any other type of biscuit packaging of the same brand … Happy snacking and good luck finding them!

By Justine Duclaux

Photo: Instagram