It’s important to feel good right? Body, mind, and soul…they are all connected. So, when there is a brand that provides top-notch products to feel exactly that, we couldn’t pass up sharing it with all of you!

Sol de Janeiro’s full collection includes visibly firming body cream, sulfate-free shampoo, and conditioner, and perfume mists to keep you smelling irresistibly delicious! Feel the warm sunlight on your skin. Their body-loving products are addictive, with delicious gourmand fragrances and luxurious textures that touch all the senses. Yum!

Not only are they making sure you are healthy, they also factor in our beloved planet Earth. They carefully select each ingredient for maximum efficacy and have banned the use of over 100 cosmetic ingredients in their formulations, while remaining at the forefront of developments in science and new standards around the world to ensure human and environmental health and safety. They also work with partners who support their commitment to sustainable sourcing and science-backed safe biomimetics.