Khalid has teamed up with Disclosure once again for a self-love anthem titled, ‘Know Your Worth’. They had recently teamed up for the song ‘Talk’ which received a Grammy nomination for ‘Record of the Year’.

Khalid talked to Beats 1 about writing the song. He said, “When I started writing this song, it was like I was singing to myself in the mirror.” The message behind the song was something Khalid himself needed to hear, and now he gets to share that message with his fans.

Fans are already reaching out to Khalid to share how the song touched them. One by the name of Ivette Blanco messaged Khalid on twitter saying, “This song came out at the time i am struggling to love myself the most… these lyrics put me in such a different state of mind thank you.” He responded with crying and heart emojis. Another fan named Abbie Acciari wrote, “There are tears streaming down my face. I needed this so much rn. You are incredible. I love you. Thank you.” Khalid responded saying, “love you!!!”

You can stream and download ‘Know Your Worth’ now. 

By Shannen Tierney

Photo: Ro.lexx