If you were to look at a Coco Chanel purse, you’d know it. The same goes with Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and even Louis Vuitton. Leatherology is no different , even by implementing their own subtle signature look. The leather accessory brand rarely places their logo on the front of their products, allowing their designs to be personable to the wearer; they’d like the customers to make the products their own. The customer is always right, after all.

Based out of Dallas, TX, Leatherology’s extensive range of women’s, men’s, travel, and fashion accessories has redefined simple, everyday luxury. Their products are made to be timeless, colorful, and most importantly, easy to personalize. 

Leatherology has its start in its home city, where it shares that title with its two co-founders, brother and sister duo Rae and David.

After graduating Columbia University with a BA in Political Science and working at the World Bank, Rae made a complete career change and went back to school, studying accessories at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In 2008, she then helped Alexander Wang launch his accessories and footwear business.

During her time working in fashion, Rae was struck by the fact that, as a young woman, she couldn’t afford the products she’d spend her days creating, but that the ones that she could afford didn’t have that same level of quality and thoughtfulness that she believed products like that should include. So, in 2011 she left New York City back to her hometown in Dallas, where she built Leatherology with her brother.

David started his career in the tech world. After graduating from Georgetown, he became a management consultant for Deloitte. In 2010, he went to New York to work for Google, helping big name brands channel marketing strategies and capitalize on emerging technologies. He then moved to London where he was Head of Industry for Google’s European Business & Technology Sector. Finally after 6 years at Google, David returned to Dallas where he joined his sister at Leatherology and serves as its marketing guru.

The company has had success collaborating with other brands, most notably Diane von Furstenberg in 2019. Leatherology’s Fall and Holiday collection with DVF combines the leather brand’s signature “simple everyday luxury” with Furstenberg’s vibrant colors and prints.

But the brand managed to keep its “brand” on point, never once missing a beat in its relationship with customers.

For any travel or work needs, or if you need a new wallet or simple desk accessories, or even a special gift for that special someone, visit Leatherology’s website, and browse their original products and their stunning collection with DVF.

By Michael Jacobo

Photo: Leatherology