Indie pop artist Kayls will be releasing her first single this Friday. The Los Angeles-based artist is fearless, and “Drive Away” will showcase her ferocity in carving her own path in the music industry. The track is produced by Bambor Leany, another fierce female in the music industry. “Drive Away” offers a view into a dark world of shimmering pool lights and 3:00 AM trips in Ferraris and love and heartbreak and muffins, with hard hitting 808s and pop melodies. This world is a bit strange to pop, but Kayls like to roll on the exciting and untamed side of the genre.

“I want songs to be fun and rebellious like stealing a neon orange Lambo on a Sunday afternoon to go eat strawberry ice cream in a lime silk gown. I think there’s a huge void in songs right now and I want to fill it with magic mushrooms, candied violet perfume and 808s,” explained Kayls of her creative sound. The young artist has turned pop around into something very different than the structure she once came into as a music industry newcomer. With her creative counterpart, Bambor Leany, the duo produces songs that are rough and aggressive, with confident characters that make all of the moves. One of the only female producers in the industry, Leany is showing the world the importance of bringing women to the forefront of music.

The fierce and rebellious Kayls is ditching outdated pop song structures and is hoping to find a hole for pop in a hip-hop dominated market. Not only is she breaking new ground for pop music, but she is doing so in style. The FIDM graduate designs her own wardrobe, including the outfits seen in the “Drive Away” music video. Kayls is taking her talents to new heights and breaking pop music traditions along the way with her new single, “Drive Away,” debuting Friday, November 8th.

By Sonja Grunfeld