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Is OXO Permanent Smoothing Treatment right for you? Here are the questions you need to ask yourself

Choosing the right hair treatment can be a difficult decision. It is also very important that you nail down the right one for you, because there’s only so much your hair can withstand before you start feeling and seeing the effects of poor choices in terms of hair care. OXO’s permanent smoothing treatment is a solid choice for those looking for something new. If you are uncertain however, ask yourself these questions.

Do I want a permanent solution?

In the world of hair straightening treatments, most people are looking for apermanent hair straightening solution. Other treatments advertise as being permanent but the results say otherwise. OXO Smoothing Treatment is permanent which means that your hair will not go curly again. It’s a onetime business, making it a great deal for those that don’t want to have to repeat the process a thousand times.

Is it natural?

The answer is “yes”. This product is made from a selection of natural ingredients, making it less harmful for your hair than other treatments. It’s also friendly towards pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, and it goes well with all hair types.

How long before I can wash?

It’s a common thing with hair treatments to have to wait a few days before you are allowed to wash your hair again, after the treatment. This can be highly inconvenient and impractical, but fear not. Not using an aggressive technique and materials is what actually allows a lifestyle without prohibitions, for all hair types.

Does it provide restoration?

Affirmative. You can expect complete hair restoration, from the inside out using three types of proteine: rice,wheat and keratin. It’s not the only product that offers this, but it’s among the few that deliver. There are also treatments that only provide a protective exterior coat which masks the true state of your hair’s health. That’s not the case here since the product acts at the core.

How long before my hairdresser can do me up?

If you’re excited about letting your hairdresser have some fun with your hair with color or Ombre, you should know that it’s possible effective immediately once the treatment is done. You don’t have to wait around before your hair is ready to receive special attention again, and since you’re already at the hairdresser, you might as well go ahead. And that brings us to the final question.

How can I get it?

You need to know that you need to go to a hairdresser in order to receive this treatment. Those that offer it will say so, most commonly through a sticker or message in the store front. It’s great because you can leave yourself to be handled by professionals while you relax and think of all the cool things you’ll be able to do with your hair afterwards.
Go to OXOrganic website to find a salon around you or you can tell your hairdresser about it and perform the treatment at the comfort of your surroundings.