PAYOT ($102)

As it fights the effects of desynchronized skin biorhythms, and mitigates the impact of blue light on the skin, your cells are able to regenerate easily. In this set, you will find Blue Techni Liss Jour: DAY CREAM, Blue Techni Liss Regard: EYE GEL, and Blue Techni Liss Concentré: SERUM. Every product is there to help you fight wrinkles, pollution, and more. The Blue Techni Liss anti-blue ritual that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and replenished.

Ricardo Beverly Hills ($35)

No need to leave your makeup at home anymore, take it on the go with this Medium Zip Cosmetic bag! This transparent, zip-top pouch is great for anything you might need from work essentials to an overnight stay. It is light, stylish and allows you to stay organized anytime, anywhere. Its shape and size makes it easy to bring everywhere you go: look no further and get your dream cosmetic bag!

La Colombe ($3.49/can)

No time to brew your coffee? Fear not, Oatmilk Draft Latte is ready and on the go! This draft latte is like no other. It is a plant-based dose of frothy, cold brew creaminess with tastes and feels like a cold latte but has none of the dairy. This rich and creamy dairy-free latte combines a touch of sweetness from the oats and the unmatched textured of a La Colombe Draft Latte. Don’t worry, the ingredients include real vanilla extract, sustainably sourced oatmilk and cold brew. Get that latte in the fridge and enjoy pure delight as you wake up in the morning!

Sonix ($35)

Be bold. Be different. Express yourself with Sonix’s phone cases. They come in multiple designs from crazy to classic and more! Great for presents or just to treat yourself, there is a design out there meant just for you! Safe and stylish, this is the perfect case which combines the two.

Dr. Kerklaan ($68)

Many of us probably know at least one person who is dealing with constant pain, trouble sleeping, skin issues, or chronic PMS. If you have ever felt like you could not help said person, do not worry! Or if it is you suffering from these symptoms, it’s all okay! Why? Because Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics has an all-natural, 100% US grown, full-spectrum CBD product for each wellness need. These products are plant-based and with no trace of THC at all, there are no psychotropic effects. They are also free of GMOs, parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Products are available on and select highly discerning boutique retailers, including Fleur Marché and Standard Dose.