Class and sexiness all in one…

Men’s Baxter Sneaker $129

Providing shoes for men and women, Vintage Foundry Co offers the vintage look you didn’t know you needed. Blending tradition and our modern time, each pair highlights a different color, different styles to match your look! These Men’s Baxter sneakers are both classy and sexy for you to look and feel good!

A fruity blend to keep your skin hydrated all day, every day!


Masktini understands what it feels like to live on the go and that is why they decided to create products that were meant for that! Whether it be a quick touch up after a long flight or after a long afternoon with the kids, their products are here to help uplift you! The moisturizer spritz will have you glowing in no time, anywhere, anyway.


Who doesn’t love a good tank? Time to feel lucky!

Geo Embroidered Tank $59.50

We all know the notorious clothing brand, Lucky Brand, as they keep releasing collections we adore! Jeans, tops, dresses…All of it! As make our way through the summer heat, it’s nice to be wear cute but also breathable clothing! This Geo embroidered Tank is a perfect example of that!

The triple threat that combines powder, foundation, AND concealer!


Founded by the Elevé Sisters, this cosmetics brand was founded when these ladies witnessed the positive effect makeup had on others’ self-confidence. The products are created using ethically sourced elements that are not suspected or proven to be toxic. Um, yes, please! This Powder Play is a triple threat as it combines powder, foundation, and concealer…

A gold necklace, sure to turn heads!

Crew Link Necklace $95

Ah, what a wonderful thing gold is! Whether it be a gift to yourself or someone you care for, a little gold never hurt anybody! Gorjana understands that which is why they pride themselves on quality products that are also very stylish! This Crew Link Necklace is just an example of the wonders they offer! Check it out!


The perfect lightweight coat to work for any season!

Lantern Cocoon Coat in Auburn $435

Offering a variety of products for men and women, Toccin merges comfort and style! Lightweight coats have become a Toccin signature, and this season they introduce the lantern sleeve cocoon coat with a grommeted self-adjusting belt and on-seam pockets.

Oh yes…It’s here and we love it…The secret to keeping your hair full and amazing!

Biotin Hair Growth Serum $26.45

Bringing quality products to your hair and skin, Pureauty Naturals gives them a breath of fresh air like no other. All the products serve a different purpose but all with the same goal: making you feel enlightened a little more! The Biotin Hair Growth Serum, for example, ensures that hair stays full and amazing!

Ideal for relaxation, study, speech privacy: be more in control of your audio environment…

LectroFan Classic $49.95

We all need good nights of sleep, that’s just the simple truth. Well, LectroFan Classic is ideal for relaxation, study, speech privacy, or any situation where you’d like more control of your audio environment. It’s also your personal white noise and fan sound machine to ensure a better night’s sleep and peaceful rest! Oh yes!

A collection of glitters, bright mattes, and pop shimmers that resonate with the 70’s era of vintage, disco, and bohemian style…

The 70’s Palette $11 The 70’s Palette

Don’t be rude…And make sure to check out this amazing cosmetics brand: Rude. Offering different types of collections, each is guaranteed to bring sexiness and flare to your makeup routine! This 70’s palette, for example, is here to bring back the vintage look…They also have Neon colors, and much, much more!

The perfect addition to that classy look as you make your way out the front door!


Strathberry offers different bags and accessories that will leave you feeling classy with every look! A nod to the founders’ Scottish roots, the name Strathberry comes from combining the word “Strath”, meaning wide river valley in Scots, with “berry”. In the past, berries were used to dye the traditional Scottish fabric and materials. Strathberry creates unique luxury pieces, which are handcrafted in Spain using only the very finest quality Spanish leathers and finishes. Oulala!

Keep it fun, exciting, and fabulous with this pride brush set!


People underestimate sometimes how important your makeup brush set can be! After all, like a painter with its paintbrushes, you need quality products for a quality look! A brand made for everyone, their different products are fun, of high quality, and the perfect addition to your makeup set!


Stay warm, dry, and comfortable with this all-in-one vest!

Women’s Access Nxt VestPrice $149

Soft, comfortable, temperature regulating, anti-microbial, and warm when wet; it was their belief that wool would make for the ultimate foundation when it came to building do-everything clothing. Still, we felt there was room to make it better. To bring super-natural strength and wicking performance to nature’s most evolved fiber, rendering everything else obsolete. What kicked off, was a 3-year R&D project to create the most advanced natural-fiber based textiles on earth. Oh yeah…. The Access NXT Vest is made using our SURFACE HARDENED Technology, built with 4-way stretch woven wool, and finished with our durable water repellent finish (DWR), meaning you’ll stay warm, dry, and comfortable. Athletic Fit.