NANOR brings to your daily products from candles to skincare and more. As you kick off 2021, it’s time for you to make your resolution list, and here at BELLO, we suggest putting taking time for yourself at the very top. With Nanor, you can do so as you take care of your body, mind, and soul. Set up some candles, calming music, and slip into a state of pure bliss thanks to their calming scents.

“NANOR is an evolving brand that aims to be part of your everyday routine. Whether it’s lighting a candle while reading, using our scrubs while taking a shower, or using our Konjac sponges while cleansing your skin. Because in the end, we believe that routine is key, and the key is Nanor.”

Our personal favorites are the Scrub and Candle which are perfect to cleanse yourself fully. Scrub off the negative energy, fill your lungs with your favorite scent…that is all it takes! So make sure to check out their website and take some time for you…it’s important!