Once you bag that most-awaited concert ticket, the next thing all girls worry about is what to wear! You are not alone on this ship, because regardless of your age, getting dressed fashionably on concerts is just as important. While most guys don’t really care about what to wear, girls definitely want to look chic, take loads of selfies, meet new people, and carry their personality along.

Obviously, you don’t want to look boring by just wearing a simple top over pants. You definitely need statement clothes that can accent your bouncy mood, where a leather bomber jacket for women is such an example. While you can think of hundreds of outfits to get dressed for concerts, we have come up with a few classic attires that are both unique and trendy. If you’re thinking about how to get dressed for concerts in the most stylish way possible, dive into the ideas below!

What Type of Concert is it?
While deciding your concert outfit, always consider the type of concert and genre of music you’ll be attending. This is important because every concert has a different vibe; you cannot dress like a goth at a country music concert, right?
Edgy Look for Rock & Roll

• For rock concerts, women’s leather jackets are perfect pairings on top of a leather pants, mini skirt, or ribbed denim. Go ahead and experiment the look with motorcycle leather jackets, studded perfectly for a flashy rock attire. Inside, you can wear a white cropped top, vest, or a simple black tee. Don’t forget to wear your suede boots with this combo, metallic chains, leather bands, and a quilted shoulder bag.

• Take out your funky crazy graphic tees and wear them over colorful cotton pants or paper-bag jeans. You can even get a customized tee for an incredibly hip look, like that of Guns N Roses, Nirvana, and Metallica. With this combo, you can carry a cool patterned crossbody bag, rectangular sunglasses, and a pair of chic platform boots.
Be the Queen of Pop

• Pop concerts are something where you can experiment with a lot of different outfits. However, we need a definitive idea on what exactly to wear for looking well-suited. A floral puffed-sleeved blouse or a leather fitted corset with straight ankle-length jeans is something you must try! Get on your cat-eye sunglasses, baguette bag, gold chain necklace, a few studded rings, and matching mules.

• An overall denim outfit would look pretty attractive too! You can make such an outfit by wearing a shirt denim jacket with a matching pair of denim shorts. Inside the jacket, you can try out different colors of tees, a lacey blouse, or a simple tank-top! A cute little shoulder bag complements this outfit well, paired with sneakers and hoop earrings.
Cutesy Country Vibe

• Jumpsuits are great when you’re going for a country music concert, as they are versatile, easy-to-carry, monotone, and available in many cute prints. Or, you can go one step ahead in your fashion game and try out a boilersuit. It tones up your body with a great fit and looks dope too besides a usual jumpsuit! You can either wear wedges, loafers, or kitten heels with jumpsuits, get on some minimalistic jewelry like layered pendants, and carry a chained clutch.

• For an ultimate country inspired boho look, flowing dresses or ruffled skirts with ethnic embroidered blouses should be your top pick. Make sure to carry a fringed handbag, wooden or vintage jewelry, along with flat ankle boots or embellished flat sandals. Your whole look should emit a laid-back yet artsy and hippie aura.
Dance to the EDM

• Electronic dance music (EDM) is one music genre going crazy since the last few years, with popular bands like Marshmallow, Skrillex, or David Guetta harnessing the audience. To dance and scream on top of your lungs, you certainly need a comfortable outfit. Check shirts never go out of the style continuum, whether you wear it whole or wrap it around your waist on top of a classic white tee. You can match a relaxed denim or a denim skirt with such a shirt. Choose a platform or chunky boots and then finish the look with a leather shoulder bag.

• You also got an option of wearing a long sporty tunic with cowboy boots to seem bold and eye-catching. This is something you can carry most naturally with a clear messenger bag, fanny pack, or backpack. Choose athletic accessories with this attire, such as baseball cap, plastic bands, or oversized sunglasses.
Groove on Jazz

• Look jazzy with a silk blouse delicately worn under an unbuttoned plain cotton shirt (preferably in white color) with matching cotton shorts. This combo is sure to make you look exceptional and posh, tremendously suiting the feel of jazz concerts. You can wear any kind of heels with this do, even peep toes, stilettos, and kitten heels. However, strappy sandals work equally as good. Get your little bucket or saddle bag and you are all done!

• Patterned sweater or cardigan is another great choice for jazz nights. Wear it tucked inside your casual jeans or either go for trousers, both would look pleasant. You can also grab a neutral-colored blazer and wear it on top for added layering. Lastly, enhance this outfit by carrying a trapeze bag and wearing your favorite pair of lacey shoes.

No more puzzling around thinking how to get dressed at your next concert, because this blog gives you unique outfit ideas you can try with no trouble. Be it rock, pop, EDM, country, or jazz, we have highlighted 10 smart attires women of all ages can carry.

Dressing up for concerts is as much exciting and important, so make sure to give enough time and consideration to your clothes. They should be stylish but comfortable at the same time, which is where this guide is going to help you a great deal. You can’t risk looking all up-to-the-minute but feeling as if you cannot dance or sing with comfort.