2020 is a year that everyone is ready to be done with. But it just keeps going. The threat from the pandemic keeps getting worse even as we prepare to start shipping highly effective vaccines. The death toll will get higher closest to the end of this year-long nightmare.

Consider all the birthdays that have been missed and anniversaries ignored. Then, there are the weddings that never happened and the vacations lost. There is an untold fortune set on fire just from the nonrefundable airline tickets purchased and never used. There might be some percentage of sports and event tickets that were purchased and never used.

Just think about all the things you had to give up this year. You didn’t get to go to the French Laundry as you planned to do. You didn’t go see your family despite the fact that you have been worried sick about them. You didn’t get that promotion at work you were certain to get if only the company you worked for could have stayed afloat. The list of things that didn’t happen is long and sad. Now, we are down to the holidays. Maybe it’s time to reclaim some of what has been lost. Give yourself, or someone you love, a gift worthy of surviving 2020. This is not the time to go budget. You are already home. Now, it’s time to go big:

A Premium Piece of Jewelry

Not every piece of jewelry can be valued at tens of thousands of dollars. Most jewelry exists only to look nice and make the wearer feel special. It doesn’t have to be expensive to do that particular job. That said, there is a difference between department store jewelry and proper Cartier jewelry.

Sometimes, luxury can be overkill, or even inappropriate. But when you need something special that really stands out, what you need is the real thing. One of the greatest advantages to owning a genuine luxury piece is the fact that it will likely hold its value for a very long time, perhaps getting more valuable the longer you have it. So when you give the gift of luxury, you are also giving the gift of investment. Invest in your 2021 by ending 2020 with a luxurious bang.

Inexpensive Elegance

Not all luxury is terribly expensive. There are many beauty and novelty items that fall into the category of luxury and affordability. Would you like to keep that posh hairdo looking presentable when you roll out of bed in the morning? Go for a satin pillow case. $36 is not a bad starting price.

You can also find DL.MD’s multivitamin for $45. It comes in a liquid form for fast absorption. That price gets you 6.7 oz. It will not be the perfect gift for everyone on your list. But it will be the perfect gift for many people you know. These small items can be stocking stuffers for the person who has it all. They are little reminders that you were thinking of them. And they add a touch of luxury that won’t break the bank.

An Elegant Cruise

Secure a berth on the biggest and most exciting cruise ship you can find. Of course, you can’t go now. It isn’t safe right now.. Going to the dry cleaners isn’t safe right now. But it will be, hopefully before this time next year. The world will spin on its axis again. And we will sail again. These are messages that can be conveyed with the gift of a well-planned, luxury vacation. It is a reminder that the madness of 2020 is temporary. And normality is just around the corner.

As with any travel plans, be sure to get refundable tickets or tickets that can be easily changed with no extra fees. Trip insurance is a good thing to purchase even during the best of times. And these are far from the best of times. When it is safe, you are going to want to get away. Make those plans now because you are not going to be the only one hoping to book an excursion.

Things will return to something like normal. Get gifts that remind you and the people you love of that hopeful fact. Invest in tomorrow with a piece of elegant jewelry today. Take care of the little things because the little things still matter. And get ready to sail away because the beauty, wonder, and adventure of life will be waiting for you when you’re ready.