This is the era of female rein and women are seeing doing everything that was previously only limited to men. Riding a Harley Davidson and being fanatic about motorcycle adventures is among such hobbies females are loving these days!  But one thing is certain, riding is not just about getting onto a bike; you need a proper attire to carry if you are a true bike lover.

Styling yourself appropriately is very important; you cannot just get into your dress and ride away, right? Similarly, you cannot think about wearing a blouse and pencil skirt and feel like you’re going to have a smooth ride. This is why outerwear like leather jacket for women is among few perfect choices for female riders.

To help you, we have come up with this blog to give you the most effective styling ideas for female riders.

Dos To Follow:

Let’s look at some of the key styling ideas you absolutely need to follow if you want to flaunt your bike game right!

  1. A Leather Jacket Is MUST

If there’s one clothing staple you just cannot live without being a female rider, it is a leather biker jacket for women! Biker jackets are specifically designed to wear on a motorcycle with their lapel collars, sturdy zipper, snap buttons, pockets, and some embellishment for an added glamor. While you could opt for a simple mandarin collared leather jacket, it is best to go for biker jackets. The reason being their material, lining, and fit that is specially curated for bikers.

You need to buy an exclusive leather jacket made of real leather, preferably sheepskin, for ultimate finish. Make sure to get one with a quilted or viscose polyester lining as it provides the best protection against strong pressures of wind. Comfort is optimum for riding a bike, and leather jackets are known for their sturdiness, durability, and luxury.

Due to the rise of female riders, many brands are coming up with different designs and colors of biker jackets. You can get one customized for yourself or choose from the existing options. Attractive colors such as black, maroon, olive, blue, red, tan, and even silver can be found easily.

  1. Make Sure Your Pants Fit Well

Slouchy, loose, or flared pants are never suitable on a bike, as you’ll always have to worry about possible accidents along with feeling uneasy. The best kind of biker pants that you can seamlessly wear continues to be leather fitted pants. This shiny, tough, and composed piece of garment will also complement your gleaming biker jacket, giving a grunge and punk feel to your outfit.

If you want to achieve a more everyday look using casual garments already in your closet, you can also opt for black, blue, or navy denims. Jeans are also very comfortable and you also have a variety of designs to choose from, such as distressed, folded, plated, patched, and ruffled. You can also paste customized stickers or get personalized prints on the back pockets of your jeans.

Besides these options, you can also choose denim shorts for an eye-catching and seductive look. However, shorts are not very handy and do not provide protection to your legs from possible contact with the bike’s silencer.

  1. Pick Basic Tops

The key to this point is easy: anything that is fitted and layering is good to go! We always have classic and versatile white tees that go with almost every color of jacket. Or else, rock your monotone/striped sweatshirt or woolen turtleneck smoothly. To get the babe look, you can go for a lacey short blouse or wear your yoga bras inside.

Besides, a tucked in flannel shirt or a ribbed tank can give your streety look the oomph it deserves. Revolutionize your style game and look apart from the crowd by wearing a tailored leather jumpsuit!

  1. Boots to Go For

Of course, it’s no surprise that loungewear shoes are highly inappropriate for riding a bike. Even for a 2 mins ride to the next neighborhood, you cannot imagine wearing flip-flops, sandals, and slip-on shoes. Similarly, fancy heels should also out of the fence. The best kind of shoes for female riders are boots, be it made of leather, suede, or PVC.

Ankle boots should be your favored pick among all different kinds. However, knee-length boots are also pretty great and comfy. Make sure your laces are tied up at all times and there are no extra straps or buckles coming out of your shoes!

Don’ts To Remember:

Riding a bike is a risky job, so keep in mind the below given points to always be on the safe side.

  1. NEVER Ditch Helmet and Gloves

Regardless of the weather or the number of miles you need to ride, ditching a helmet and not wearing gloves is the biggest mistake you can make. You absolutely need these protective gears to ride a bike like a pro. Your helmet should cover all of your head and be tied up smoothly. Similarly, invest in ribbed textile or leather gloves, the ones that are friction-free and abrasion resistant with knuckles for added safety.

  1. Avoid Fancy Jewelry and Hairdos

Always wear your hair in a neat manner and go for polished and composed hairstyles such as ponytails or half buns. You may look good from a distance with your open hair dancing in the wind, but trust me, it never feels pleasant while riding a motorcycle. Similarly, too much jewelry is a major turn-off in a rider’s attire! Always wear minimal jewelry, such as small studs, single metallic bangles, a good watch, or maybe a leather choker.


We can see so many women bikers around us riding around for fun, while many of them even participate in motorcycle races. But obviously, every woman needs to take care of her fashion sense no matter what she is doing. This guide equips you with all the information you need to fashionably carry yourself on a bike, that too with maximum comfort and ease. So, follow these most effective styling ideas and get on your bike, and we are sure you’re going to get a lot of compliments!