Corey Harper’s brand new EP Overcast, is a beautiful reminder that although the sun may not always shine, you still can no matter what.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new single, ‘Fade to Black’? What was your inspiration for creating this song?

“Fade to Black” is about my sometimes cynical view of the world that I wish I could change. The truth is, we’re all flawed and we can’t hold each other higher than one another based on what we think we know. I had read something about an atheist explaining death, and how in the end everything just fades to black, but in times of my own severe depression and existential curiosity, I’ve found myself feeling like everything already had, so this song is me questioning that side of myself.  

How would you describe your creative process? At what age did you start playing instruments, and what is your favorite to play?

I don’t have a really distinct creative process that I follow for each of my songs. Sometimes they start as a melody and sometimes they come from a specific inspiration I feel compelled to express through my writing.

My uncle introduced me to the guitar when I was 13 or 14. I’m mostly self-taught but learned a lot by observing artists I looked up to across generations and genres; like Fleetwood Mac and John Mayer.

Your new EP, Overcast is almost here, congratulations! What was your absolute favorite memory when working on this project?

Thank you. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have this entire project out. It’s the most cohesive EP from start to finish that I’ve created to date. My approach to making this EP was really personal and intentional. I joined my friend and talented writer/producer Lubben at his studio just outside of my hometown of Portland, OR. We submersed ourselves in the project for a few weeks writing, playing, producing side by side together.  The nostalgic environment of my hometown and the quite literal overcast atmosphere lent itself to the mood of the EP. While I don’t have one favorite memory, the entire process was really incredible and I can’t wait for you to hear it from start to finish.

What does an overcast day look like to you, and how do you move forward from it?

The EP title Overcast is a metaphor that’s illustrated well in nature. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a fog and it’s hard to see the light beyond it. But I’ve found that writing music and getting back to my family and roots helps me feel more grounded. These are elements I purposefully sought while making the EP and my hope is that the lyrics of the songs are somewhat of a roadmap to help others find the light through the overcast as well.

What were some of the most challenging aspects of making ‘Fade to Black’ / Overcast? The most rewarding?

The production process of this song in particular was the most interesting of the EP. There had been a hum/buzz in the studio every time we tracked guitar due to some wiring issues. I would have to find that sweet spot in the control room and stay completely still while tracking guitar. Instead of waiting on maintenance, we decided to go outside into the barn and record all the guitar parts in there, in the back pasture of his property. The solo I played on “Fade To Black” was literally done from a stable and was done in one take. I’d say that was both the most rewarding and challenging part of recording that song. 

How has growing up in Oregon influenced your style, personality, and sound?

Oregon is an incredible place. I don’t think people fully understand how beautiful and diverse the landscape is in Oregon. I grew up in nature. I grew up surfing, snowboarding, and playing music all over Oregon. The state has everything you could want to be inspired, but with the juxtaposition of the PNW’s gloom, fog, rain, and cold. It is very unique and I think its inspiration is evident in the music and the visuals for the Overcast EP.

Were there any specific areas in Oregon you selected to record your project? Why?

I recorded everything in Lubben’s studio outside of Portland. It’s where I grew up and it really set the mood for the EP between the landscape and the nostalgia of being back.

What has moving from Oregon to Los Angeles revealed about yourself?

It’s revealed to me that my happiness isn’t tied to a location. It’s really about who you surround yourself. It’s been a journey and I feel really lucky to have the ability to float back and forth from Portland to LA when I need to break from Los Angeles. 

As a singer/songwriter, what is the message that you hope to deliver to fans with your music?

I just hope people understand that we all have our flaws and it’s okay to feel unsure or unhappy in a world that’s constantly projecting perfection and smiles on social media. I hope that through the stories and experiences written in my songs people can work through those emotions and find a way to make sense of it all. 

What’s next for Corey Harper?

The Overcast EP! It’s coming out June 26th. I hope that there is an opportunity to play shows next year so I can finally tour the Overcast EP and the Barely Put Together EP in the US – which I haven’t done yet. I am releasing a new line of Overcast Merchandise that I really love. Go sign up for my newsletter at where I’ll be releasing the line there exclusively before anywhere else.