Are you feeling tired and need a good detox before summer? Unplug from your busy daily life and head over to The Malibu Ranch! Relinquish responsibility and challenge yourself for a week or longer at our award-winning luxury fitness and wellness retreat.

Nestled in nature, The Ranch Malibu offers the perfect setting to calm the mind, return to nature and focus on your mental and physical health goals during the program for one week. When luxury and nature meet…

Whether you are a solo traveler, couple or a group, 19 guests participate together in an active daily schedule consisting of 8 hours of low impact exercise.  These exercises are followed by a breathtaking and varied 4-hour group hiking excursion each morning. Guests enjoy lunch, nap time, afternoon fitness classes, restorative yoga and a daily massage. The intense physical regimen is complemented by a 1,400 calorie-a-day organic, plant-based diet.  The program is designed to allow guests to connect with nature’s healing elements through a unique experience. Guests also enjoy a weekly cooking class and tour of their onsite, certified, and organic garden. This program helps to calm the mind by 100% disconnecting from your electronic devices to further benefit your mental health.

 This place reminds us to take care of ourselves and take a break in nature to recharge our batteries!

By Justine Duclaux
Photo: website