Photo: Us Weekly

Brigette Pheloung is a name that is sure to one day be as easily associated with beauty and fitness as Martha Stewart is to homemaking. For those of you unfamiliar, Brigette is a NYC-based Gen Z content powerhouse that not only has garnered a fan base due to her fitness and beauty tips but also for creating the viral beauty brand Acquired Style. Having successfully partnered with brands such as Paul Mitchell, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lancôme, and Fabletics, it was only a matter of time before Brigette herself launched products under Acquired Style and why not start with something that would emulate her luscious blonde locks? Introducing the Luxy Hair x Acquired Style Velcro Roller Set seemingly perfect salon blowout look at home!

While we encourage you to visit Brigette Pheloung’s social media accounts for whatever help you may need, she shared with Bello her latest news. Check out our Q&A below for more info on the roller set, insight on fashion trends for the fall, makeup tips, and fitness routine.

How did you first come up with your roller hacks on TikTok?

It was less of hacks and more of being one of the first to show on TikTok easy tutorials on how exactly to use hair rollers in an easy achievable way at home. The girls at home loved it because I showed how you can perfect a beautiful salon blowout at home!

Tell us the process behind launching Luxy Hair x Acquired Style Velcro Roller Set

Going in, I really didn’t know what it would be like to create a product with another company, but it has been so much fun. We are still in the process of creating more products that will launch in November and December so the process is still going on! It’s been really awesome to be so hands-on in this process. The Luxy Hair team really helped me bring my vision to life and supported all my decisions along the way. 

What sets your rollers apart?

I really wanted to come out with a set of rollers that had all the sizes needed to achieve the perfect blowout for all lengths of hair. So we have the perfect range of sizes from XS – L. I originally wanted to add in the XS size for my curtain bangs, but in addition to that, all my girlies with short hair love using this size to help achieve the perfect flip. They also come with long steam clips for each roller, these are the best because they stay secure in your hair due to the length. And a vegan leather bag to store them in, which also makes for a cute makeup case! Quality is also important for rollers, you can buy a set on Amazon for cheaper, but we made sure our rollers were going to last and are sturdy, while also giving you the perfect blowout. 

What are your go-to fall fashion trends you want to try out this upcoming season?

Every season we have a color, and this color is definitely RED! Pops of red are being talked about everywhere, and I love this because I think adding a little color to a neutral outfit is always the best way to go. We’re also seeing a lot of flats for fall. We are so used to boots every fall but now we’re going to be seeing a ton of ballet flats, mules and loafers. I love it and can’t wait to style some ballet flats with chunky socks! 

What is your current favorite fitness routine? (yoga, barre, HIT, etc)

Working out is arguably my favorite part of the week. The feeling of starting off your morning with a workout just sets you up for a better day. With that being said I love a wide variety of workouts throughout my week so I like to run, do the Stairmaster, Full body training at Alo, and obsessed with Hot yoga recently at Core Power!

What’s your routine for achieving the “clean girl” makeup look? – 

One thing about me is I do the same makeup every time. No matter where I’m going – during the day vs as night, it’s pretty much the same! 

What’s next for Brigette Pheloung?

Well, we have the rollers on the market but in November I’m doing another launch with Luxy Hair. and a little hint for you is.. Think what else you need to achieve a salon blowout at home!