Winter vibes are here for another two months, and everyone’s taking advantage of the season’s treats with ski trips and snow capped getaways. Of course, no vacay is complete without a full arsenal of stylish looks, so here at BELLO, we would like to direct you to the amazing brand WHILE WE’RE aWAKE. Their line of neon hoodies and lounge wear are the perfect pieces to bring for ski and snowboard activities. Lounge around the cabin in them, or pair them with your favorite ski and snowboard wear while on the slopes.

Also, let’s be real, it’s always nice to get warm and cozy so don’t be shy and find your perfect fit today! These pieces are FASHION and we are loving them!

And we are not the only ones,…

Celebs like Kendall Jenner and Paris Hilton have donned the neon ski trend for quite some time now, and WHILE WE’RE aWAKE has the perfect options to accompany those pieces for a full “get the look” snow outfit.