VASSY is kicking off 2022 with a bang! Having just released “Tuff,” it’s a song that reminds us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s fair to say we all go through dark times in life and in the darkness you must hold on tight! Writing songs that come from her experiences, VASSY truly adds her own personally touch and relates to her audience in an authentic way. Keep reading on and get to know more about the amazing artist!

Congratulations on “Tuff”! Share with us the story behind it. 

I wanted to write a song about how there in through the difficult times can be rewarding if you just hang in there and wait till you get to the other side. As the song says “when the going gets tough the tough gets going” its means you have to roll with the punches. Most people can relate to the lyrics in TUFF, we have all gone through difficult times hitting rock bottom, wanting to give up, and that someone in this case a song for me or even something inside you that motivates you to not give up and get through it. When we get finally get through it there is a good happy place on the other side waiting for us.

What was the writing process like? Tell us more about what is important to you the writing a new song. 

I love writing all my songs because I speak from experience. I write about things I have gone through and it helps me and keeps me motivated and inspired sometimes writing about it helps me get through a difficult situation. Sometimes it’s hard to express yourself and explain the situation so putting it in a song gives you freedom to be creative without sounding like you’re complaining and turn it into something inspiring and positive. It not only helps me but it also helps to inspire my fans to get through difficult times in their life.

What is your favorite part of collaborations? Things that make it hard? 

I love collaborating. Most of the time I’m in different countries or cities to the people I’m working with but now with the Internet, it’s easy because you send each other files and you can go back and forth working on creative ideas. Sometimes you’re lucky and you can be in the studio with your collaborator which I’ve had the opportunity to do with David Guetta when we created BAD, later on, became a global hit but my song with Tiësto for example we did this one over the Internet because we were not able to all be in the studio at the same time. We actually met when we performed our song SECRETS for the first performing it at Ultra Music Festival in Miami and I remember us laughing at the time as the song had just hit #1 in over 30 countries around the world…saying ‘wow to think we created the hit going back and forth on emails LOL

Kicking off 2022 rigth! Any other projects on the horizon? Explain. 

Yes I’m excited after having #1 with my last single CHASE which hit number one on both the dance radio charts in the US and Australia my new single to kick off 2022 is called TUFF. I had written this song about a specific experience how rejections in life can lead to re-directions and sometimes when the going gets tough you’ve just gotta go with it. I worked on it with a great producer from my Miami called GT Office. In the meantime I’m finishing off a whole bunch of new songs to release in 2022. I’m also excited as I will be launching my new merchandise line shortly to kick off the year not to mention my touring schedule and some other projects on the side that I’ve been developing.

Growing up, what did music represent in your life?

Music gave me life!! I was not around the music industry at all growing up. I discovered jazz when I was a teenager on my own after being kicked out of school choir as a kid being told I didn’t have what it took… I instinctively knew back then that I was an artist that I wanted to create music not just follow it. Music chose me.

Tell us more about fashion and why it is important in your opinion. 

I love fashion and I think it is very important although in my personal life I tend to be a little lax when it comes to fashion LOL I grew up in a small tropical town it’s super laid-back and so I have a little bit of that Australian earthy laid-back-Ness when it comes to my wardrobe….. however when I’m doing photoshoots and walking a red carpet or on stage, I love wearing clothes from so many different talented designers. Fashion is an expression. A lot like music I find fashion to be the same we are all artists trying to express ourselves through our craft and art. It’s an honor for me to wear the work of fashion designers and to utilize my platform to give their art a voice.

Do you believe you have found your purpose? Explain.

Yes I believe it found me many years ago. My purpose was always to create music and be an artist. Some people spend their life trying to figure out what they want to do I just knew from a young age. Despite growing up in a small little town in Australia, kicked out of school choir, told I don’t have what it takes to then later on have a national number one record across the country and then later to leave go to America the land of the dreams start all over again from ground zero and have ended up becoming a platinum award-winning recording artist with 8 x #1 Dance Hits in the US and around the world…. Not trying to promote myself here but I think it’s important to note that you don’t have to be rich or have connections in the business you just have to have a dream and work hard for it.  I hope that I can inspire other people to pursue their dreams and follow their path to either find their purpose or fulfil their purpose. I have fans ask me all the time how did I get to where I am… I hope to inspire and I tell them that you can anything you desire Believe in yourself and you can manifest your dreams.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me means Nature!! Obviously, I find so many things beautiful. I tend to like the more natural beauty people in their organic state. The industry puts lots of pressure on women. I know we all want to look better in photos and so on for social media. Make up anything that helps enhance our beauty I think is okay, even fixing photos a little is cool but I just wish people wouldn’t go so far as to change their whole face… which is what a lot of people do now in our industry. It’s sad people are not comfortable putting themselves out there with no filters.I get it… I just wish there was less of that. I like how curvier women are being celebrated now as well in the fashion world all shapes and sizes are being celebrated.

Beauty is on the inside as well and I think that it shines through I know that sounds corny but the more comfortable you are in your own skin I think people really value that admire and appreciate it.

Where do you hope to be in the next 5 years?

This is a great question. I’m not sure but I think there will be some big changes for me in my personal life and in my professional life. I just hope that I can still continue to make music and write songs that will continue to inspire my fans all over the globe. I just hope to be healthy and well and continue to do what I love to do.

Artist: VASSY
Photographer: Davide Micciulla
Stylist: Giulia Baggini
Make Up Artist: Erick Oroz