florence by Mills is made with love by Millie Bobby Brown (a.k.a. Mills). “Mills has sat in hundreds of makeup chairs—everything she’s learned along the way has shown her that beauty is really all about loving and expressing ourselves. That’s why she named florence after her great-grandma, a woman who embraced herself and did things that made her happy all her life.” They keep their products clean: no to parabens, sulfates, dyes, animal testing and animal by-products. However, they are saying yes to vitamins, antioxidants, and botanicals. Don’t worry, they have safe products that really work and are designed to make you feel good and only that!

The brand has a variety of products to ensure that you are taken care of in the best way possible. From skincare products to makeup and more, you are sure to find the perfect fit. Eveyr part of you can be highlighted in a different way and taken care of! Made fort everyone, florence by mills brings all people together through skincare and beauty. Here at BELLO, we have picked some of our favorite products:


Make sure to put a smile on your face today and check out their products!