Following the announcement of her tour and Coachella performance, Olivia O’Brien has released her second micro-mixtape, ‘The Results Of My Poor Judgement’.

O’Brien has shifted into making micro-mixtapes rather than your standard album or EP. She describes a micro-mixtape as a “project made up of two or three songs that fit together sonically and lyrically.” O’Brien says that you should feel the same emotions listening to each song in a micro-mixtape.

O’Brien’s first micromixtape, ‘It Was a Sad F—ing Summer’ was meant for listeners to have a feeling of bittersweet nostalgia. The emotions behind ‘The Results of My Poor Judgement’  are more the feeling of being played and left lonely. 

The three songs on ‘The Results of My Poor Judgement’ are ‘Was It All In My Head?’ ‘Josslyn’ and ‘Sad Together’. 

‘Was It All In My Head’ goes through the emotions of thinking a guy was different only for him to do you in a way he said never would. Sometimes we build up a person in our heads, only for them to be very different in real life. O’Brien details that realization in this song saying, “I don’t why I thought it would be different this time/ Thought you’d be the one but your one of those guys/ Can only blame myself, I made it up in my mind.”

‘Josslyn’ is a standout on the micro-mixtape. To keep it simple, the song is about a guy cheating on O’Brien with a girl named Josslyn. Whoever cheated on O’Brien should feel awful right now because this song is a bop. I audibly gasped in my car during the chorus when O’Brien sang, “But know we’re off and we’ll never be on again/ I hope that it was worth it f—ing Josslyn Don’t wanna fight, I just never wanna talk again/ I hope that it was worth it f—ing Josslyn.” Not a good look for Josslyn. 

‘Sad Together’ is a deeper dive into the loneliness of this micro-mixtape. O’Brien is sad and alone and pleading for someone to be sad with. She sings, “Cause we’re born alone, we die alone/ But right now I don’t wanna cry alone/ And we know nothing’s gonna last forever/ So let’s be sad together.”

‘The Results Of My Poor Judgement’ is out now. O’Brien’s U.S. tour kicks off in February in Santa Cruz, CA. Tickets are available now.

By Shannen Tierney

Photo: Olivia O’Brien