Drip Club is a part brand, part marketplace & community that showcases the newest and hypest streetwear brands from around the world. They have their own line and create unique fun pieces, but they also do business to get their clients the ultimate trends. Wanting to create a space to have brands as diverse as possible, they believe drip clubs to be the perfect place to build upon each other and grow together as brands without rubbing each other’s elbows. Every brand has a space. So far they have brands from all over the US. We have from NY, LA, Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, and many areas. In the near future, our hope is to have brands from all over the world and showcase the best out there to our clients.

Lucas Moreno started this company with Taylor Corrigan. “She went to LMU freshman year but then transferred to USC,” he explained. “She worked in Real Estate but always wanted to do something in fashion. We mixed both of our ideas together to create Drip Club.”


So far, they have e-commerce and popup events throughout LA. These pop ups are hosted by new upcoming DJs that give light to the events and Lucas and Taylor make sure each brand is represented at these events!

“Our goal is to make fashion more inclusive for all brands. To help each other. Drip Club wants to give that space for all people that create amazing pieces and are just starting. Or for those that narrate amazing stories through their clothing.”-Lucas Moreno