The first luxury brand on culture… 

Assouline proposes a chic and personalized library, from beautiful books and special editions to luxury gift items, unique library accessories, and now a complete turnkey collection of stylish furniture. “The books are a matter of intellect and emotion, of heritage and innovation”, passionate creators say. 

When a book becomes a decorative object… 

The classic selection by Assouline is composed of books about gypset destinations Ibiza, Mykonos, Palm Beach, Capri, Tulum and soon, St-Moritz. Vibrant photography and insider anecdotes reveal these essences of this bohemian havens. Each volume is an inspiring journey illustrating the aesthetic bliss and a unique world. 

The books are a source of inspiration with incredible image quality which allows readers to feel like they are right there. The Classics are highly collectible, immaculately illustrated repositories of design, art, fashion, and everything in between. They’ll make you want to travel! 

Keep that smile on your face as there’s more… The Valentine’s day offer: shop Assouline’s curated collection offer now 20% off to mark the most romantic time of the year 

There are two concepstores by Assouline in Dubai and London, many retailers around the word and e-shop.

 “Books are the solid part of our past and present”

By Justine Duclaux

Photo : website